My English is going from bad to worse, what to do?

My English is going from bad to worse, what to do? Topic: Tips for writing a good english paper
July 19, 2019 / By Claudie
Question: I used to do pretty well in English. I love foreign languages, but I have started too late to study them. I started to learn foreign languages in my early twenties. The pattern is always the same: at the beginning, I made an excellent progress. Starting from zero, in nine months I attained the international level C1 for English, German, and Spanish. But since then I've stuck. I cannot get better :(. I can read, write, listen, and speak well enough in those languages, but never as fluent as native-speakers. I don't have feelings for articles (since my mother tongue, Chinese, doesn't use articles). I made the same grammatical and syntax errors over and over again. I'm studying comparative literature at college abroad, and my recent English lecturer has said time and again that my English is abominable. That I should better study something else. I have a very low self-confidence right now :(. Just how bad is my English, judging the language in this question? Before this lecturer, I didn't have problems with my studies, though, and usually got A, A- or B+ for my term papers. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. P.S. Only serious answer, please. Don't be afraid to be honest or to hurt my feelings, though. Otherwise, I know this is the wrong category, but I suppose most users here are British royal-watchers (and maybe have a good command in English?). Thank you! @Bruin, Paul, Blanche, Sir Roy, thank you for your encouragements! I do appreciate them and will consider your tips. @Clara, thank you as well. Actually I'd like to work in cultural and/ or education fields, or as translator, if I'm lucky enough. @Posh, Shana, Please don't be upset and just ignore my question. I just thought I'd get more "British" opinion in this category.
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Becka Becka | 8 days ago
Oh, for God's sake, Posh Pooch, just shut up for once. You've gotten on my nerves posting this reprimand 24/7. Most of us are more bothered by you than by this kind of questions, so if you think that you're improving this site, you're wrong. Indeed this is not a royalty-related question, but the asker has explained his reason, and I don't see the harm. You must be a sad person if you do, and no one is asking you to police this category anyway. Sudana, your English is very good. English isn't my mother tongue either, and I understand your difficulties. But do not be discouraged by ONE lecturer's opinion. You said that others graded you well, then it must be THIS lecturer. To be honest, I don't see the reason why you should be worried. Keep it up, okay?
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Becka Originally Answered: Keeps getting worse?
Do what you know you need to do, because even if people tease you you'll be able to live with yourself. Depression is caused by guilt in a lot of cases, (and it sounds like yours is.) I was dumped by my friends because I wouldn't go along. I don't really have any right now except a couple of email buddies. But even though I'm lonely sometimes it is worth it to do what I should have done. About the friends you ditched... I would write them a letter explaining what you where going through and apologizing. (I find letters to be better than talking in this situation.) If they aren't ready to forgive you at least your conscience will be clear. And then never do something like that again. The good thing about mistakes is that you learn to never do the same stupid things twice. Anyway, good luck. And if you ever get really depressed and need someone to talk to e-mail me. I'm a good listener. Hope you can get your friends back! * * * I'm adding you to my contacts since you seem to need a friend.

Adilene Adilene
It really isn't bad. I didn't see it as foreign language in your case until you mentioned it. I would certainly say you were lectured unfairly. English is an intensely difficult language to the point that the vast majority of its native speakers are awful at using it. It takes a while to comprehend the language as efficiently as a native speaker, but it's not impossible. It will help if you interact with English speakers or observe them on television shows or in films (that's a great way to cheat). True fluency only comes with use of the language beyond study. I am sure you will get it, honestly, and where you are now isn't bad at all.
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Temeni Temeni
My dear Sudana, English is not a "foreign" language. All other languages are foreign, dear boy. Now, take ones sage advice and purchase for oneself a copy of Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage. Peruse it from cover to cover, and not only shall ones English improve markedly, but one shall also become one of the foremost authorities on the British Peerage!
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Phillip Phillip
Nothing wrong with it mate ,you carry on the way you are and do not take any notice of the "Pretend Brit "
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Mackenzie Mackenzie
Why don't you write a letter to The Queen? Perhaps she can help recommend the best instructors to help you. Surely The Queen will know whom to recommend. I suggest you do that. I also suggest you post this in the Languages forum. That's what it's for. This is the royalty forum. We are here to discuss royalty. We are not here to discuss English. Can you understand the difference, or do you need further clarification? Do not use the excuse that the system placed your question here. It did not. YOU placed it here. You were given several options to choose from and you went with the first one without even checking to see what it was, either out of sloppiness or just plain laziness. Pay better attention in future. I suggest you post this question elsewhere. Please delete this question first. You will lose less points if you delete it yourself than if Yahoo removes it for you.
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Mackenzie Originally Answered: Thoughts getting worse?
I'm going to agree that this sounds like OCD. OCD can take many forms, anxiety and obsessions are what ties the disorder together. You have unwanted intrusive thoughts ["they'll just pop up out of nowhere"], also you have obsessions ["i cant stop thinking these bad thoughts!!"] that are becoming difficult to control. The first thing I'm going to recommend is therapy. A psychologist will be helpful because they can pinpoint the areas causing you distress, and help you manage your stress, and possible disorder. Don't dismiss the idea of OCD because you may not perform "rituals", not everyone with OCD has them. Look up "Morbid obsessions", and "Intrusive thoughts". I think you will find similarities in your case. Now here's my story. I also suffer from a form of OCD, I have obsessive violent thoughts, and intrusive thoughts. I cannot pick up a knife without imagining stabbing a person, usually it's my father sitting quietly in the next room. I daydream about commiting violent acts, and one graphic idea after another forces it's way into my mind. It's annoying, and even fills my dreams with filth. I notice the more stressed out I am, the stronger the condition. This makes sense because OCD is an anxiety disorder. The good news? It's completely treatable! The fact that you are discomforted by your thoughts, aware that it's unhealthy, makes you a good candidate for recovery. Don't let embarassment prevent you from sharing your thoughts and feelings from a therapist. They are trained to help you, only judge your condition, not you as a person. The sooner you get help, the quicker you can resume your normal life. Everyone (EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!) shares traits of different disorders. You aren't a psychopath. I would quit worrying about that before it becomes a self-fufilling prophecy. Ask yourself, do you feel shame, embarassment, guilt, do you have a conscience? A "yes" is an automatic disqualfier to "Antisocial Personality Disorder". This isn't something to be ashamed of. You may have these thoughts, but therapy will bring you to awareness that they aren't really "yours". Some good can come out of this. You may have an undiscovered talent, energy or appreciation for all things morbid. I do, am trying to channel it in a positive way. I create very disturbing graphic art, think blood, bones, and gore. I'm proud of my work, it's not for everyone, but I feel accomplished and appreciate my unique style. If people don't like it, so what? Take that same energy and apply it to photography, drawing, painting, even writing. Good luck.

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