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June 27, 2019 / By Cleo
Question: okay this the second time this has happened and I do not know what it could be at all. Okay so some nights out of random this will happen it starts at 2:50 AM on the dot and last till 6:00 AM and what happens between this is what I have started to call rule dreams because I must have 4 dreams each will last one hour or so each gets worse and the only way to have time start moving again is to dream every time I stop dreaming time just stops still till I do dream the rest of the dream each dream does fallow the dream before but they keep going ahead a week or month. the dreams are all about people in my life dieing and the dreams after that is just depression. and at 6:00 when it is over I feel like I have been shot in the head and walking becomes impossible also in the dreams the pain is all real getting shot hurts a whole lot in the dream and I can't say these are like anything I have ever had in my life lastly every time I have one of these happen I feel like someone is in my room controlling it all. can someone please tell me what is causing this and what I need to do to stop it.
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Belinda Belinda | 3 days ago
Psychology looks into chemicals, mental trauma and moods. Spiritual and religious people look into spiritual influences. Maybe it's both ... or neither. It will help to get medical advice, and if you find the right counselor they will help you put together the skills to fight the emotional aspect. It sounds like you've already reached the point where you're not just reacting but observing your state and how it proceeds. You can use that awareness to really look into this and examine from the inside how and why it happens. Nobody can do this without your help, anyway, especially with the limited interaction available here. Others can only help you research using their skills and knowledge ... but they will still need your help. Until you find someone to help you process this, I have a few suggestions. 1. Study on relaxation techniques and meditation breathing and start using them when the dream starts, if not before. Controlling some aspect of your response can gradually build into an ability to control or even prevent a larger portion of the experience. 2. If you have any belief in a higher being/God/Jesus/or a vast intelligence that sustains the universe, ask for a lifeline. Reach for a compassionate strength that is beyond yours. At the very least, you'll discover ways to endure ... but it is possible to find a shield that can protect your emotions and sometimes your body as well. Millions of people have requested and found protection and help in these situations. You don't need to know how it works to deduce that it's possible to ask for help from outside and actually receive it. Ask for it. 3. Pay attention to your life. What have you been going through recently? Has anything changed? Has something in your life set off memories of past events that you couldn't deal with at the time? Start collecting information, even if it might seem irrelevant. You can take this info with you to a psychologist or counselor. 4. Do find someone to talk to who has experience with this type of thing. There might be a medical explanation. Knowing what is going on can help a great deal.
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Maybe your just over worried about losing someone. You couldd need psychiatric help. Just dont over worry about losing these people
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