Ucla students! residence halls at ucla?

Ucla students! residence halls at ucla? Topic: Plaza research
July 19, 2019 / By Clover
Question: i am enrolling this fall as a freshman and am trying to decide which residence hall to live in (plazas and suites are a bit too expensive). any information (good, bad) would be useful, thanks!!
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Bell Bell | 5 days ago
Freshman usually get Hedrick or Sproul Hall. Doubles have a bunk bed. separate closets, desks, and chairs. Triples have a bunk bed and a single bed with separate closets, desks, and chairs. Triples are actually rooms ment for doubles but had everything squished in. Residence halls have community bathrooms that means you share the same bathroom with everyone. Don't worry there are plenty of bathroom stalls and showers. Wear flip flops to the showers because there might be nasty stuff on the floor. Bring a bunch of quarters cuz you're gonna have to do your own laundry. Get used to noisy environments because it is filled with freshmans. UCLA food is famous for being good and nutritious. I am an entering freshman this fall as well and I tried to research as much as I can about UCLA. Its nice to know I share the same questions with others as well. Hopefully you can help me answer my questions as well if I have any.
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Bell Originally Answered: Possible for me to get into ucla?
UCLA is rather competitive and the "average" weighted GPA has risen close to 4.15. However, since UCLA has switched to holistic review, personal statement has taken on a more important role in the application evaluation process. If you have any special talent and/or achievement, or hardship, you may have a shot at getting accepted.

Adreana Adreana
Well firstly, don't be afraid of flunking out. Have some confidence lol. They didn't just look at your grades for acceptance. Really, they are all great schools with good reputations. So you wouldn't be stupid for choosing UCSB. (That's where I plan on going anyways) I would go visit all of them and choose the one you could see yourself living at for the next 4 years. And although each school population is sort of characterized, like Cal students being a bunch of treehuggers and UCSB students partying everyday, there is obviously more to it than that.
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Adreana Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting into UCLA?
My brother attended UCLA for his first 3 undergraduate years. Unlike you he did not have the perfect grades because he was a bit of a miscreant, anyways the reason they accepted him was because of his writing skills. Your resume is actually pretty impressive! You might want to start on community service and although the National Honor Society does require hours, do some on your own(meaning not reported for NHS). Hey, you should even run for President...I advise this to almost everyone because I am President for my local chapter and it got me into a pretty darn good school. Become friends with your teachers and counselor, they will come in handy when you need recommendations. Take the SAT again (like you said, you should get a better score). Write a heck of a great essay!!! And schedule an INTERVIEW! Your chance of receiving admission into UCLA does get better if you attend their summer program. You should even rub elbows with some of the professor, maybe they can help you "get in." One more thing, try and receive as many scholarships and grants as you can! My brother transferred because the cost of tuition just overwhelmed him. If you really want to get admitted, all I can say is TRY, TRY, TRY! From the bottom of my heart...GOOD LUCK!
Adreana Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting into UCLA?
I agree, your credentials are pretty amazing. My only advice to you is that you find a way to set yourself apart in your application. Even though you have amazing credentials, there will be other applicants who have similar ones and you need a way to separate yourself. Be yourself and be honest in your application essay, show who YOU are and what you can contribute. I had a friend who had amazing credentials that got rejected from her top school because she figured her personality wouldn't have much of an impact. (This girl was dry as a the desert, her personality was non-existent.) But all was not lost, she got into Rice University which is an honor in itself. I am not trying to scare you at all, I am just trying to help you get a leg up on the competition. I am very confident that you will be fine. UCLA and Stanford will be fighting over you lol.

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