Is vaporizing marijuana/weed once/week to once/month okay for motivation, etc?

Is vaporizing marijuana/weed once/week to once/month okay for motivation, etc? Topic: Psychosis case studies
July 19, 2019 / By Coco
Question: Some information for you before you formulate your answer: I smoked weed for 11 years and decided to quit because of motivational issues, some bad first-time experiences and research on psychosis and schizophrenia. I have now been quit for over three months, and am thinking about starting up again but only on a very occasional basis and only via vaporizer. Basically I am concerned about a few things, and I ask that you think before you answer and not provide shallow and degrading answers just to earn points or what-not. I am quite educated on the ins and outs of marijuana consumption and have spent hours upon hours researching information regarding cannabis use, etc. What I have found is that there is no conclusive evidence to basically anything related to marijuana, some of the studies I have read had some major inconsistencies as well as wording issues which I believe many regular or non-scientists may have a difficult time understanding or catching the errors. In some cases I found researchers making unsubstantiated claims which can be summed up like: “marijuana consumption causes schizophrenia or schizophrenia causes marijuana consumption”, this makes no sense and seems like a play on words. I have also found it interesting when research findings link correlation findings and state them as a causal relationship between marijuana consumption and mental illness, basically stating that smoking marijuana causes mental illness, however the studies don’t actually say this, this is said to the lay people in simple terms. And I believe that when you’re out looking for a relationship between marijuana use and an illness, you will find it, as that is what they are focusing on, and being that these studies are often times government funded or sanctioned, they have specific reasoning behind the expected outcome. Now, I am not here to argue any points, I simply want to let you know that I smoked way too much marijuana, some would call this abusive behavior, or over consumption. What I found is that, back in school days, my grades went down, I had anxiety issues begin to develop, and found that my first experience with smoking it, was relative to a mild psychotic episode. Now, understanding that there are no true and conclusive research findings on the subject, I don’t necessarily want to risk anything. Also I do want to mention that what I’ve found is that when smoking marijuana on a consistent basis, daily, especially multiple times per day, seemed to effect motivation and sociability. I felt like I was becoming a-motivational and no longer cared for important life issues. Quitting was very difficult after such a long time and anyone who says that marijuana isn’t addictive in the mental as well as physical aspect, may not truly know what they are talking about as I experienced and also researched this to find hundreds if truly not thousands of people experiencing very similar often scary similarities in their quits. I had terrible nightmares for over a week, irritability, smelled like a rotten clam, excessive sweating from every pore in the body, bad blood-flow to the extremities and more. So I do not doubt it’s addictive properties, etc. MY QUESTION: Does anyone know if vaporizing marijuana to consume in small doses on a once per week to once per month basis safe as per motivation, mental and general health. I love the herb and would love to be back smoking it if at all possible to NOT fall back into the old pattern and to be able to keep it at a reasonable and not life-altering level. I would think this is possible, being that I personally know of a multitude of people who smoke and hold rather successful positions in life, are able to study, and live productive lives. I am however concerned of the possibility of developing mental illness in the future. Many of the studies show that marijuana consumption effects people predisposed to mental illness, I don’t know if I am one of those unfortunate people. Other studies state that people who aren’t even predisposed to mental illness raise their chances of development by some huge figures. Others claim that starting to smoke marijuana at an early age worsens the situation. Unknowingly, I started to smoke at an early age, under 18. I apologize for the diatribe and hope I have not dissuaded anyone from reading through and trying to provide an answer. Thank you very much for your time. PS. My Yahoo ID was created a long time ago and does not express much of who I truly am. In response to Amber Renee: I am not trying to escape anything, it is not there to motivate me, it sounds like you didn't take the time to actually read the entire "question". You see after three months of not smoking, I have no withdrawals, nor any pull towards it, so no, it is not hard and I am not coping out. Your reasoning seems unsubstantiated. Thanks for attempting. In response to fonzie343: Thanks for your input, however again I am not thinking of starting back up for any type of motivational issues, I'm guessing that maybe the question/title may be misleading people into thinking this, however what I am wondering is if smoking again will deteriorate motivate as it has in the past, keeping in mind that I used to over do it and now plan on keeping it to a very mild and seldom regime. However I do agree if I understand you correctly, in the possibility of being able to control it so it doesn't turn into a habit. Thanks again for your input. In response to nikki2200: Thank you for taking the time to provide your explanation. Since you've mentioned dose, I will say that I will likely ingest a very small dose, one to two hits from a vaporizer. This will be done on a weekly or possibly monthly basis. You've also mentioned motivation so I want to touch on that now. What I am mostly concerned about is becoming demotivated, or the occurrence of an "amotivational syndrome" - so, I am not smoking to motivate myself, although if that helps, I would be extremely glad. I am currently reading http://www.druglibrary.org/Schaffer/hemp/medical/canb1.htm which talks about amotivational syndrome and trait absorption, a very well written paper based on numerous strong studies, I haven't finished it yet but as of now it seems like it's HEAVY usage that causes or may cause a drop in motivation. Thank you for responding
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Belle Belle | 6 days ago
im not gonna lie i read the bottom to get the jest of it. um if u want to get back in to it for motivational reasons, by all means go ahead. i dont have any medical exp. except for having both parents being doctors, and they tell me that i am able to smoke whenever i want just so long as it doesnt become a habit or a family problem(drug influence on my brothers). they do tell me that when people get back into doing any drug heroin, marijuana, or even crack they're bodies have become adjusted to not let the disease(drug addiction) becomes life controlling again. in short word of that last sentence your body will close up whichever receptors interfere with the drug making it less likely to become mind numbing addicting. um i would say hell yeah, because if u love maryjane, she will love you back. but um again because you were off of it you wont fall back into the grit as fast because off the boosted selfcontrol to quit in the first place.
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Adria Adria
Hmm . The effects of using a vaporiser are going to be quite specific to you. You have to consider a few questions - how much do you want to smoke in your weekly/monthly regimen ? You may want just a 'motivational' dose which is not a known amount. so you may end up smoking to feel as high as you want. Your end result will depend on your moderation and not on the method or the amount. now after half way in my ph.d program i have had unpleasant questions about things like my own abilities, frequent depression, lack of social connection, ' what do i want ' , girlfriend left etc.etc. i've been an occasional smoker since last 9 years. But since the last 3 years i've had a hard time getting hold of weed because i moved to a foreign place altogether. i've only been able to smoke once or twice a year when i'd visit my hometown. smoking for motivation has been one of the reasons for me too. I've got hold of some good quality weed a month ago. The whole point of smoking now is to avoid feeling like sh*t and feel genuinely happy at the end of the day. I'm happy to say things have gone well so far! My dose is one joint every other day. (By joint i mean weed mixed with tobacco). More weed will make me slightly addicted and sensitised. So in short your answer is moderation. Don't count on weed as your only solution to problems. Good luck and peace!!
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Terrell Terrell
For highly under motivated - very diffident despondent - students, proper motivational efforts would do a lot good, as rightly stressed by most respondents here. I particularly enjoyed the elaborate thoughts shared by 6000 year young! But we find children from poor families studying in corporation and municipal schools without any tution support or domestic guidance, score as much as city boys from high profile schools! That shows that motivation is not needed just because people are poor etc Studies have become very monotonous and parents and teachers (of city private schools in particular) frantically tax students to work hard for high marks - to enter professional courses and to keep school average high! This often has much demotivating effect on the children who find no relaxation and even start fearing the outcome of performance. I think if only the too much pressure is stopped, it would suffice, no special motivation is necessary. Skills for motivation is not generally persent in all - even teachers discourage students making meaningless comparisons.. Primarily only parents should give support to the wards, as teachers acting at group level, may not bestow much personal attention on them.
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Pip Pip
No amount of info will change my mind. No. Not ok. What is wrong with you that you need drugs (yes it is an illegal DRUG) to "motivate" you. I say get a life and stop making excuses for lame behavior. Withdrawal will fade...people quit all the time and something being hard does not make it ok to cop out and be a quitter.
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