Anybody start college this year?

Anybody start college this year? Topic: Radio show business plan
July 19, 2019 / By Codie
Question: How's it going? Do you like your roomate? What's your major? Did you come out to anyone? What college? I just started yesterday. My roomate's sweet and respectful, but she has Christian things all over her side...so I'm assuming she's like the majority of Christians who have a problem with LGBT. I was planning on coming out for the first time here in college, but geez...why couldn't I get a lesbian roomate? lol Oh, I'm majoring in Elementary Ed.
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Bellinda Bellinda | 7 days ago
Hey, i just finished my first year in school at LMU. im a business major with a focus on the music industry, i play rugby, i do a radio show, and im in a frat. i'm heterosexual, but i did meet many homosexuals, one of whom came out to me, another of whom expressed interest in me. college is a very respectful place relative to high school. most of the stupid cliques are dissolved, and you can freely express who you want to be. i would not worry about coming out, and i wager that when you do, youre going to find that many others are in the same struggle as yourself. as far as your roommate, i didnt like mine at first, but we ended up being very close friends by the end of the year. its funny, because i am not religious (i dont like saying atheist, but i guess im close), and my roommate had lots of religious things on his side of the room. i asked him about them in a respectful manner, thinking he was religious, and he told me that it was all stuff that his mom had put in his room when he moved in, because she was very spiritual. this goes to say that you cant really judge a situation fully by appearances. i recommend talking to your roommate about, and dont be afraid to show her who you really are. religion teaches tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance, so she should find some way to deal with your sexuality. if she doesnt, you can always file for a new roommate, which would be easy considering the circumstances. hope i helped.
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Bellinda Originally Answered: I am getting ready to start my first year of college?
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Adriana Adriana
I just started yesterday, it is going really well alot better than I expected, everyone is as nervous and excited as me so I have made alot of friends. My roommate is really nice and respectful, but he is a devout episcopalian so I do not know if he is gong to be accepting of me. I am bi and have not really told anyone yet, a few of my friends know but they dont really count lol. I am majoring in industrial engineering, the guy that lives in the room next to me is also industrial engineering so I will at least know someone in those classes. I have not come out ot anyone yet, but I think i will in a month when I start chosing my few really good friends. Hah it is like a diary, thanks for asking this, it kinda helped me realize something.
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Terrence Terrence
Aw, that's so sad you have a brainwashed crazy roommate. You should come out anyway though. What's she gonna do? Sprinkle holy water on you?
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