Tattooed people: What are your careers/jobs/goals?

Tattooed people: What are your careers/jobs/goals? Topic: Forest engineers
July 19, 2019 / By Colena
Question: Not being snarky or judgmental! Just curious. I actually just got a semi-sleeve, and while I'm still just in university, I aim to become a writer, a French teacher, an RPCV (Peace Corps volunteer), and eventually an English professor. I can't really find any blogs about tattooed professionals, but I like reading about them and I have met them; even met a hopeful engineer at my school with two full sleeves! I often just see tattooed people in the arts; illustrators, tattoo artists, musicians. It's nice, but can get monotonous at times. So, if you have tattoos (on a scale from one small heart to Zombie Boy-esque) what do you do? Or if you're still young like me, what do you aim to do?
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Benedicta Benedicta | 10 days ago
RPCV is Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. When I was 18 I wanted to be a PCV, then a forest ranger. While I was in college I fell in and out of love twice, and changed my career goal to PCV, then English teacher. I taught English for two years in the Peace Corps. While I did I got my only tattoo - a tribal one from the Ibans, the predominant tribe in the district I served in. I made sure it would not show if I wore a long-sleeved shirt. My career goals changed again when I tried teaching in the USA. I became a computer programmer. I eventually found love, too.
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Adrianna Adrianna
36% of all women under 30 are now tattooed. This is none issue anymore. Get all the tattoo you want. Ironically the more conservative the job, the more clothes that are worn so you can have more tattoos.
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Thad Thad
My two main goals are to become a novelist and musician. I also have a tertiary dream of learning Japanese and taking film studies, in addition to animation, so that I can direct my own anime films and series.
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