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Lisence plates? Topic: Car accident case study
July 19, 2019 / By Collyn
Question: I live in texas but my car is from minnasota and I was wonderong how I can renew my plates when they expire
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Bernadine Bernadine | 5 days ago
You can't, legally. Chances are you had 90 days maximum to switch your registration. You are risking getting your car impounded, or, if you have an accident, having your insurance void. THE EXCEPTION IS, if you are a student attending school full time in Texas. In that case, you can arrange a renewal by mail, or authorize someone to renew for you, but you may need a student sticker from Texas. Each state and province has slightly different rules on that, so you really have to check first with DVL in Texas first, then in Minnesota. I have renewed insurance and plates for students studying in several states and provinces.
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I wouldn't put your complete last name on your license plate for all to see. Maybe you could abbreviate your names to something like "MELMAR"? It would keep enough people guessing the meaning behind it.

Aeryn Aeryn
Go to DMV and tell them your license plates are from another state. If you are going to stay in Texas they will give you a form that will help you change your license plate. You will have to surrender the plates before they give you new ones. So take your car when you go. There is a fee $$$$. You will get the license plate the same day you surrender the old ones. Also, the same goes for your drivers license when they expire, you'll have to get Texas license.
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Theo Theo
you would have to redigister the car in texas so you could get texas plates. if you still have a house or an address in minnasota then you have some one send you the redigistration from or have your mail forwarded to you then you will be able to redigister it in minnasota
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Price Price
If memory serves correctly, your Minnesota license plates are only good for 6 months in Texas. After that period of time a friendly visit to the DMV is mandatory!
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