I don't feel anything anymore?

I don't feel anything anymore? Topic: How to write a work personal development plan
July 19, 2019 / By Columbine
Question: I had a lot of trouble summer 2011. I lost my home, my girlfriend, my career plan, and all of my friends for the most part. My family had even given up on me. I was living out of my car (while I had it) then I was (secretly) sleeping in a playground I used to play at when I was a kid. I cried I and cried night after night, especially when what I would hear about me from the outside world was bad, making me into some kind of a joke. Since then I have fixed my life for the most part. I have a part time job, I'm in college and I have a good GPA, and I'm mended things with my family. However I feel very cut off from the world, like there is a certain disconnect. I've found myself unable to take risks to an extreme of not even being able to present myself to potential friends and romances. I really feel as though the person I was never made it out of that summer, that I'm just a shadow of myself, living a shadow of live. I haven't cried over ANYTHING since then, even when I feel horrible and down I get this sense of almost anticipation, and I feel more along the lines of disappointment. I have a very negative view of myself and I really don't blame anyone who doesn't like me, because I don't like myself much either. I just want to be able to move on, I just want to be able to be me again. Any advice? Also therapy is out of the question, I don't have money for that sort of thing :/
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Bernice Bernice | 6 days ago
Hi Ryan L You hit rock bottom in the Summer 2011 and slowly things have gotten better with getting a part time job, being in college, having a good GPA and mending things with your family. .....Firstly, I really want to commend you for your achievements, its hard work rebuilding yourself and I hope in time you can see what i see, strength and perseverance. You write "I really feel as though the person I was never made it out of that summer, that I'm just a shadow of myself, living a shadow of live. I haven't cried over ANYTHING since then" I think that is where you need to go. More specifically to work through what happened and the emotions attached to this period. I say this because it may be where the disconnect comes from. There is apart of you that needs to work though, acknowledge and feel what happened. What i found really helpful and therapeutic was to write in a journal and that is my suggestion to you. Also use journaling to write on a daily base about your thoughts and feeling, because when there is no one else there for you....you can be there for yourself :) A lot of people discredit journaling but the bottom line is that we are all from the human species, males and females. We are emotional beings and when we don't work though our emotions we get stuck and very down on our selves. Journaling helps us to work though our emotions and when we do, we calm down and we have more clarity about our situation and what to do next. There are many ways to journal but i like free style. What this means is that you just write what comes to mind. Give yourself 30 minutes, every day. And make sure you will not be disturbed within the process. After woods, see how you feel. Persevering with this over time will show you benefits of what journaling can do for you. Also check out the local library, they usually have a ' self-help' 'personal development' section and you will find books written by counselors and psychologists. Check the books out and pick those that 'resonate' or you feel will be helpful to you. Lastly, in the realm of counseling and new age what you going through is a healing journey. We never know how long it will take but know your on the right track, even though it may not feel like it at times. Love and Light Maria
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Bernice Originally Answered: I feel like im not myself anymore?
The solution is that you need to accept that you will always have your ups and downs. A lot of people would say, this is happening to you because you are teen but I personally believe that, THAT is NOT true because from when you reach the age of puberty, you should of known yourself by then but people take long to discover who they really are. You could be this person when you are 12 and another person when you are 13 and the same situation goes with adults from age 20 and up. We suffer from this too, probably even worst because we are in a more "Independent" mode so we are more vulnerable. Well, as for you, you are not because you have your parents to guide you and a lot of peer pressure from your friends to make life a lot more interesting and easy for you to explore Ideas and events with comfort of not paying bills and so on. Also to be YOU, is not an easy thing because you are going to have to force yourself to be you in a lot of situations but you will find yourself that it can be inappropriate to be you in certain circumstances. For example, you like to greet people with a cool handshake and when you visit the Queen of England for example ,you will have to adapt to the ruling of that circumstances IF another side of you is to be polite or whatever. However, other than that if the opportunity is there you must do you even if you have to force yourself out of lazyness and bordom to do it. Or like a girl for example who always wants to dress modestly because that's her, that's her way of life, her philosophy, she has to fight through her lazyness and so on to continue with that thing. So what I am saying is that being you can be very challenging and it takes efforts and there are sometimes it will feel forced but you want that personality and character to continue to live, so that's the path it has to take.

Aerynn Aerynn
Don't pay attention to them, it dosent get higher, I'm 18, powerful, wise and athletic, and I nonetheless battle with it. Anyone who says existence will get higher is a liar, existence dosent provide a rattling that any folks are even alive. The best option left on the finish of the hellish daily battle is to make a decision if there may be nonetheless a intent to reside and keep on, suffering, usually it is a only a determination you have got to make, if it is valued at it to take the entire **** existence throws at you
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Theobald Theobald
If you have a drivers license you can get a library card. And there are very good self help books that you can borrow that will change your life! One's to take out are: A New Earth and The Power of Now by Eckhert Tolle. There is also one called The Way to Inner Peace.. I can't remember the author right now. If these ones don't do it for you find one that does. Good luck!
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Prince Prince
It sounds like something I know all too well, because I have been there. Look, I don't know if this will help at all, but if it's as bad as it sounds, I'm going to at least try to help you out. I think you need just one thing, and one thing only. What is that? Love. Yep, that's it. Pretty cheesy, huh? But I don't think that most people realize that love is what gets us through every day of our lives. Think about it. Why does a man work every single day in a job he hates? Because he loves his family and himself. Why do you get up every single morning and go to college? Because you love school? Doubt it. I think it's more like there is this little hope inside you that your college life may lead you to someting that you truly care for. You need something/someone in your life that makes it worth living. I don't know if that means God for you, or if that means a girlfriend, but trust me, I've been in your situation, and what got me out of it what the love of my life. I went to school and thought, "Great... another day in the place I hate. And ill go home and do homework. I'll wake up and do it again tomorrow. I'd rather die." But then I met my girlfriend. I care about her so much that I would die for her any day. She keeps me going. She motivates me to succeed. You need a rock, something solid that will motivate you. Something that will not dissappoint. A MEANING TO YOUR LIFE :) I truly do believe that if you give it time, you will find your love. Best of luck to you, friend. Do not hesitate to contact me on my Yahoo account :)
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Malachy Malachy
Extensive counselling-type therapy is costly, but u can always consult a doc and get good pills (antidepressants). I tell u, antidepressants really work. What's happening outside doesn't make you sad. It's how you react to what's happening outside that makes you sad. If you are too sad, too happy, or lacking in all emotions, it's all happening because of chemical imbalances in your brain. the pills try to set the balance right. So go for the pills. For ppl who feel too sad, there are antidepressants and for ppl who don't feel anytthing at all, there are ecstacy pills. These medicines have very minor side effects :))
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Malachy Originally Answered: I just feel like there is no reason to go on anymore?
Your not a screw up at all, and if you would try to kill yourself, then your littly boy will not have a real mother or a real father, he would have your parents and all but they are not blood related and eventually he would have to hear from your mom and dad, saying your dad killed himself while your mom left him and you alone, he would feel like everything wrong that happened was because of his fault And for a parent as yourself at such a young age i believe? Would you really want your son to think that and believe that? The best thing you can do for him, is it stay alive and keep trying because although his mom left him an all, his dad was still there to take care of him and love him as parent and that he is worth something That is far more greater then your mom and dad taking care of them no offence, and a young teenager of course it's going to be hard to keep a job, and you are going to mess up alot of times, i mean you did have a child and all, and life is about messing up at times, but you always gotta pick yourself back up, and now because you have a child you just have to try even harder, for him and for yourself There are many ways you can get a job, you can get help from your parents and from people that love you and will be there for you to help you out, you are not a screw up, you just had something that happened in your life, that drew you back a little, and now all you have to do is kept your head up high and just try and work even harder, so you can give anything you want for your child or atleast certain things, also so you will have things for yourself nice things, you just have try harder, which is hard but as long as you have support from your parents and people that love you and you just get help, you can do it Just don't give up? No matter what, because it would all be worth it in the end for you and your child Please don't try to kill yourself -_-, you made a baby with your girlfriend you brought another human being into this world, for all you know your kid could grow up to be something huge because of this, not because of the nice things his dad gave him, but the love and care his dad gave him and in the end, he will be able to give you those nice things back, with the career he is and taking care of you are his father your important as much as everyone else don't kill yourself okay? Sorry for writing so much, but i just wanted to get my point across..nobody should ever try to kill themselves If you need any help you can email my actual email [email protected] cuz this isn't my account it's my friends gus

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