Gay rights movement facts and/or stories?

Gay rights movement facts and/or stories? Topic: Point of reference examples for a research
June 27, 2019 / By Comfort
Question: Im writing a speach for my debate class. it was my option as to the topic so i thought i would do something i feel very strongly about. as a member of lgbt i thought i would do a speach on how they are equal to straight people. ive done a little research and found some very interesting facts and discrimination stories. but i was hopeing some of the amazing yahoo people would have some more. any crazy stories about discrimination(ex.one guy couldnt get custody of his kid even though the step father beat the mother in boys presence because he was gay and the court concluded that was a better enviroment for the child.) or facts about the gay rights in different states and/or countries. and laws forbidding or supporting discrimination. or anything else you think would help my speach become persuasive enough to get a good grade and hopefully change the oppinion of a few people. thank you ever so much keep in mind this is a DEBATE paper. you cant have both sides in it if your going to be arguing over whether or not its right or wrong.
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Berniece Berniece | 7 days ago
wow biased... I feel strongly that gay marriage is wrong but we have different stand points. Agree to Disagree Honestly in papers for school and things like that dont be so biased include both sides of the story and never include things like this is where I stand or I believe. They take away value of the paper. Write the paper from both sides as least biased as you can. It is really hard to do that Here are some examples of this you could include that could be for the gay marriage is wrong side of the paper (if you choose to go about that way) The bible gives some references. Leviticus 18:22 and other verses around that. Romans 1 the very end of the chapter talks about it.
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Yes, I think they can also be called "oppressors united" or "batterers united." to The Mrs. - which do you care about more, fathers rights or childrens rights? if you researched custody battles, you will find that male batterers often DO get custody. you will find that women who have been battered DONT get custody - they might suffer from depression or post traumatic stress syndrome - resulting from being beaten - and then wind up losing custody. Our present court says 'the best interet of the child' - FR groups say 50/50 - regardless of the circumstances. They eventually spend less time with the child and still have lower custody payments. Anyway - yes, these men are trying to regain their priveleges. Many of them post here as well as elsewhere (look at wikipedia, for one) on the Internet. I have been viciously attacked by them. They are nasty bitter men - it worries me that they have become organized....as it should any sane person...
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Hi, Flying...it's been a while. I really have no problems with any group of peoples with legitimate problems that seek to shed light on their situation to try to make things better. But why...why are you so interested in the "insane" ramblings of a disturbed individual? I as a man would not look to this person for answers or guidance in re. men's issues...and I doubt most sane folks would do so. So why put this self-proclaimed 'expert' in the spotlight (which he craves SO badly), giving his rants more thought than it actually deserves?
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Oh, pulleeeze! This guy again? This might be a good place to begin the informal logic course mentioned a few questions below. Try to find some evidence or valid reasoning on this guy's page. Good luck.
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I have never heard of the MRA or feminism for that matter until I came on here I did read his blog and it was just another case of WE are right YOU are wrong. The blog was just to one sided it would have been nice to hear what the other side had to say, then I can form an opinion.

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it would be a good idea to also include any information about women's rights movements in the 19th century. I dont know if you already have, but it would show a more in depth analysis of the topic, as well as providing more information and length to your research paper. Some prominent women were Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott at the Seneca Falls convention in New York.
Berniece Originally Answered: Womens rights movement essay help?
http://www.infoplease.com/spot/womenstim... ^Thats a timeline on the womens rights movement. You can look to see if you missed anything. You might have to do CTRL + to zoom in its kind of small for some reason...

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