Am I in a Good Shape for a Good University?

Am I in a Good Shape for a Good University? Topic: Year round school essay
June 17, 2019 / By Concordia
Question: I have a GPA of 3.90 and got 770 in Verbal and 800 in Math section for SAT and 12 out of 12 in essay. I was also a volleyball player for my school for four years (2 in JV and 2 in Varsity) and played football for one year. Was a member of Best Buddy's and one other club for three years and NHS for 2 years. Also, community service at the local library and my church. Am I in a good shape? And also, what do you consider a good GPA for these top 30 schools? Thanks! Lying? I'm sorry, but I'm not. Plus, I blew off my freshmen year that's why I quit football and started to study. Thanks to everybody!
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Berry Berry | 8 days ago
I think most great schools would consider slightly lower GPA's as long as the person is well-rounded. You're well-rounded and have a great GPA! Experience counts for a ton, as I have learned getting my first job after college. You could probably get in most anywhere with all that.
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Berry Originally Answered: Affordable but good university in California?
You might be able to pull it off with the CC to UC plan. The worst that can happen is that you will complete 2 years at the CC with transferable courses. But as an international student you have zero priorities in any Cal public university. Look instead at private universities - most of which don't care where you are from. Depending on your SAT score and HS coursework, look at Occidental, U of Redlands, the Claremont Colleges [highly competitive], Loyola Marymount, Concordia U - Irvine, U of San Diego, U of San Francisco, and many more. EDIT - even with rather low SAT scores I still came up with 80 California accredited colleges that are likely to admit you. To narrow it down further - what is your proposed major or career goal?

Affricah Affricah
It all sounds good with the GPA and the extra stuff. One thing that counts though that you haven't talked about is what grade did your school have? If you are at the top of a low class your not as well of as being at the middle of a high class. You are probably fine though. Remember though your whole goal in the end is to get a job that pays good money. Don't stress. What is more important than where you go is what you go for. I went for the wrong thing for my undergrad degree. Now I'm enrolled in grad school to fix that mistake. Go to Monster.com and look for jobs as if you had a degree already. If you like what you are finding than you picked a good program. If you don't like what you are finding than maybe you should pick something else to major in. This is how I picked my graduate program. I found many postings for high paying Financial analyst positions and looked to see what degree they needed. Also like 80 or 90% of companies don't even ask for GPA in an interview. That doesn't mean sluff off in college but don't freak out about getting a B. You are better off going to a party and getting a b than staying home alone studying to get an A. The social skills developed at the party are more important than the A.
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Thom Thom
Since u have analyzed ur problem and started to act upon that, I bet u gonna succeed. Be honest to urself in self analysis and keeping up the promises u make to urself. I was ranking seond last in first year and graduated with second rank. So cheer up and start working. Good luck
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Quin Quin
quittign football will probably keep you out of top universities, no one likes a quitter, you must show that you can manage your time effectively I recoment attending a comunity college for a couple years and trying to get your life strait. Make sure to purchase your books online to save cash, I recoment Textbook411.com , you will save a lot...... and will probably need the money down the road......... a road of poverty.
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Malcom Malcom
I don't think you need to worry...you are in extremely good standing. Where do you want to study? In the U.S. or another country. Keep your options open. Best of luck!
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Malcom Originally Answered: Is it good to earn several graduate degrees from same university?
I don't think it hurts at all unless of course it is from a lower tier university. I personally never understood people that accumulate degrees on the same level like two bachelor's or two masters. In some instances it helps but I would suggest you keep moving up to the Ph.D. level if you are going to spend that much time in school.

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