Will I get into IMSA? (school)?

Will I get into IMSA? (school)? Topic: Essay writing activities middle school
July 16, 2019 / By Connie
Question: I'm applying for a school (Illinois Math and Science Academy) and I'm wondering if my stuff is good enough to get it. I'm a freshman. Preferably people who have gotten in. Don't answer if you don't know. I got a 640 on the math section and a 640 on the reading section. The writing section is not taken into account. total is 1280. The average last year was 651 math and 591 reading. Total is 1242 so I did 38 points better than average. I have higher than 3.95 GPA (All honors this year) I was in many extracurricular activities last year... but this year none. Do you think they will notice that because I put 2008 and 2008 was part of this year. I was treasurer of my school last year in the student council and on the cross country team. Plus the yearbook, musical... ect. My reccommendations are like probably math - very good science - very good English -good counselour - ? Probably medium/good your choice (science) - good My essays were medium/good? I probably should have spent more time on them. I also was in the math team in which our team placed very high. I placed high before also the GPA is out of 4 points. I forgot to mention a kind of important thing.... I was valedictorian at my middle school.
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Berta Berta | 9 days ago
well, i got in in eighth grade [last year] and your scores and extracurriculars sound better than mine were, so you have a very good chance of getting in, hope this helped :] please anyone, check out my question. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AodzYS1YegvDnNGIo9jP4gnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090411083843AAtN5aH
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Berta Originally Answered: URGENT:Could i get into IMSA?
I don't think they'll look at your D, because they shouldn't look at your grades from that long ago.. However, I'm not sure. They may look at the second semester of 6th grade, but I don't think so. The complete lack of awards shouldn't detriment you too badly... But if your grades stay 4.0 and you do decently on the SATs, (hopefully a high math score and reading, they don't even look at writing. Around 660 would probably do pretty well, but aim for 2400, obviously :P) then you should have a chance. Try to do some more extra curricular activities to support your application as a freshman if you don't make it in 8th grade. Join a lot of clubs, play some sports and stuff outside of school! I encourage you to apply though, because it can't hurt. Best of luck!
Berta Originally Answered: URGENT:Could i get into IMSA?
A black satin toot-too, purely kidding,haha hehe..No frequently I slip right into a romantic mood,and then slip into mattress,slip right into a deep sleep,and slip into sweet desires.... yet truly I slip into my birthday suet, that's determination mushy...

Affrika Affrika
hard to say your borderline it's gonna depend what area your in and what the other applicants look like theres ALOT of people applying this year over 750 competing for like 200-250 spots do you like math and science because they take that into account too good luck
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Affrika Originally Answered: Which carries more weight when applying to grad school: academic references, GPA, or undergrad school's rep?
The most important factor will be GRE and GPA in your field. As long as you have above a 3.0 or 3.5 cumulative GPA, the occasional lousy grade in a class other than English will not really count against you, especially if that class is a math or science course. Your letters of recommendation will also be crucial. If they do not identify you as suitable for graduate level study, they will hurt tremendously. Your undergraduate institution's reputation counts, but only to an extent. If your degree is from a relatively selective school, no problem. But if it is from a regional campus of a state university, or from a third-tier LAC, that could hurt.
Affrika Originally Answered: Which carries more weight when applying to grad school: academic references, GPA, or undergrad school's rep?
The GPA is most important. I know at my university, the English department does not accept applicants with less than a 3.75 (out of 4). Some universities are less strict, but that's usually the cut-off.

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