Muslims: why does it seem like people that follow this particular belief are more prone to violence?

Muslims: why does it seem like people that follow this particular belief are more prone to violence? Topic: Different types of media research
June 27, 2019 / By Conradine
Question: I understand that the prophet Mohammad was/is a warrior. However, does that afford you the right to wage war on anyone who has a different opinion as yourself? What some people take as comedy, others may take serious. A good example is the threats made against the creators of South Park recently. Just because they chose to make comical skits of your religion this time around (they do that to ALL beliefs, not just YOU). Another example is the price put out for the head of that artist who drew a cartoon of a muslim with the head of a dog. He was simply pointing out that people that follow this particular belief are Single-Minded. I understand that the group that issued the bounty was a Cult-Muslim group (Terrorist-group), but im sure others not affiliated to that cult were thinking/feeling the same way. Why is it so wrong to stay humorous with such topics that are totally based on THEORIES and MYTH. Ever heard of the phrase, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?" Lighten up people. Its not just Muslims, but pretty much every Religous groups as well. All you religious types tend to be dominantly War-Minded...why, isn't your beliefs based on creating and expressing LOVE. Show the Love People lol Im not asking this question in hopes of giving a history lesson people. I already done the research. Why do you think I'm asking YOU (morons). I understand that ALL beliefs have their Dark Historical Events. Im simply asking why the violent acts against anyone not on "Your Side?" Why the violence against women (thanks for that one by-the-way)? The way some of you are answering are of a violent nature...why? It's a simple question pertaining to current events. I understand that the Media is the Government's Puppeteer who play us like a $5 Whore as well. That's why I refuse to watch the news now. very interesting point Marcus Aurelius Replica...I never really did give that much thought. Perhaps that was the ploy all along. "To hide in plain site is to walk amonst the living as an invisible entity." David J: I used the YOU part to emphasize how many followers of any belief mistake their religion for being them personally. Religion is to cater to the person, not the other way around. It becomes destructive in that sense as you see with every minor to major battle over religious matters. Kye Point: Lighten Up! Its not like people are going around saying. "what you believe is stupid and wrong, you should believe what we believe." Oh wait, people really do that lol South Park (or comedian) only pokes fun of the contraversial things within the beliefs. Laugh today and live longer tomorrow you emotional zombies!
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Bertha Bertha | 10 days ago
i think the media is responsible for alot of the spotlight on the muslim culture..and yes the muslim culture is violent in many ways...especially towards women..i know many would say its just thier customs, but human rights apply to everyone, not just un oppressed women, but all women..and i think aside from the radicalism in islam, womens rights should be forefront as an issue
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Bertha Originally Answered: Muslims, Did Muhammad follow the word of God before the Qu'ran?
Here is just one of the many problems I have with the Muslim religion and the Koran: 1)The Koran teaches that the original new testament("gospel") is a revelation of God[sura5:46,67,69,71] 2)Jesus was a prophet and His words should be believed by Muslims[sura4:171;5:78]. As the Muslim scholar Mufassir notes, "muslims believe all prophets to be truthful because they are commissioned in the service of humanity by almighty god(Allah)". 3)Christians(according to the Koran) were obligated to accept the new testament of Mohammads day(7th century AD,sura 10:94). In this sura Mohammad is told:"If thou wert in doubt as to what we(Allah) have revealed unto thee, then ask those who have been reading the book(the bible) from before thee;the truth has indeed come to thee from thy Lord; so be in no wise of those who doubt." Abdul Haqq notes that "the learned doctors of Islam are sadly embarrassed by this verse, referring the prophet(Mohammad) to the people of the book(the bible) who would solve his doubts." Christians respond to this verse by making 2 crucial points: 1) Mohammad(who wrote the Koran) would not have asked them to accept a corrupted version of the new testament. 2)The new testament today is substantially identical to the new testament of mohammads day, since todays new testament is based on existing manuscripts that go back even centuries before Mohammads day.. Hence, by the logic of this verse, Mohammad should accept the authenticity of todays bible. But if they do, then they should accept the doctrines of the deity of Christ and the Trinity and the crucifiction of Christ since that is what the new testament teaches. However, Muslims categorically reject these teachings. Hence, the dilemma within the islamic view. There is another inconsistency within the islamic view regarding the bible. The Koran says that the bible is the "Word of God"(sura 2:75). Muslims also insist that Gods word cannot be altered or changed.. But if both these statements are correct then it follows that the bible has not been changed or corrupted, either before or since Mohammads time. However, Islamic teaching insists that the bible has been corrupted. Thus the contradiction. Furthermore, it is unreasonable to suppose that the jews and christians would conspire together to change the old testament. For the jews feelings towards the christians had always been hostile. Why would 2 hostile parties(jews and christians) who shared a common old testament, conspire to change it to support the views of a common enemy, the muslims? It does not make any sense. What is more, at the supposed time of the textual changes, jews and christians were spread all over the world, making the supposed collaboration to corrupt the text impossible. And the number of copies of the old testament in circulation were too numerous to guarantee that the changes would be uniform. Also, there is no mention of any such changes by former jews or christians of the time who became muslims.....something that they surely would have reported if it were true. Furthermore,Muslim rejection of the new testament is contrary to the overwhelming manuscript evidence. All the Gospels are preserved in the Chester Beatty Papyri, dated about AD 250. And the vast majority of the new testament exists in the Vaticanus Manuscript B that dates from about 325-350AD. In addition, there are nearly 5,700 other manuscripts of the new testament dating from the 2nd century AD to the 15th century(hundreds of which are from before the time of Mohammad) that confirm the same substatial text of the whole new testament existing in Mohammads day. To sum it all up, Islam and the Koran diametrically contradict many parts(and doctrines) of the bible that the Koran itself says is the Word of God. Muslims try and explain this away by saying that the bible has been corrupted. But I've clearly shown why that can't be true.

Affrikah Affrikah
It's humorous only to you, because the joke is about us. (they do that to ALL beliefs, not just YOU) It doesn't matter, are you saying that we're supposed to accept being insulted because (it's not just US)? they deliberately hurt Muslims' feelings and probably know the consequences yet they don't stop,I'd praise such courage if it were for something useful but they're just insulting us, they only care about views count However I agree with you only in the violence part,because it clearly goes against Islamic teaching when it's stated in 41:34-35 [Repel (Evil) with what is better: then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate! (34) And no one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint none but persons of the greatest good fortune. (35)]
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Thorley Thorley
When the United States was founded the Colonists were terrorists. When the western U.S. was settled the Indians were terrorists. In the 1930's the Polish were terrorists. There's a pattern here, and it's not religion.
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Quincy Quincy
bypass to everywhere interior the international, you will see all styles of crime. some human beings have atleast the liberty to voice it, as they do in general interior the West. yet in center east, a woman ought to offer 2 eye witnesses if she has to allege a guy of sexual attack. How the hell can any woman produce eye witnesses? At ultimate they shop quiet. So in general you do no longer see them pronounced. everywhere interior the international there are ppl who adjust to civilized thinking. So even in center east there are ppl with severe ethical values. So do no longer evaluate those ultimate factors of center east with the undesirable incidents that ensue in West or the different area. Then what approximately freedom of speech interior the West whilst placed next to loss of difficulty-loose human rights in diverse the muslim international locations? it quite is vulnerable minds that provide such fake generalizations and fake diagnosis and information and portrays one's very own lifestyle as extra suitable whilst placed next to others. only a extensive strategies can view issues as they are and spot the forged besides as undesirable in all cultures and take a glance at to help them with their matters. Many muslims have been hating their very own faith because of the undesirable issues that are seen. So some web content have sprung up recently which grant such fake diagnosis as we see right here. And harmless muslims are falling a prey to such fake diagnosis and are happy with those fake arguments which places them in extra suitable mild. yet protecting up issues isn't the perfect factor. Have guts to settle for all the evils that have been completed and flow forward. it quite is the way. diverse those baseless arguments carry no water and interior the tip will only harm you. by potential of how, % to make clean that Indians are on no account hiding information. Any social evil has been overtly condemned interior the media, and various indians have publicly staged protests against any style of violence. Freedom of speech is on no account suppressed in India.
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Malone Malone
the muslims have stopped seeking wisdom from the Quran and portrait that muslims are violent .if u read Quran there are more rights for women. islam isnt a cruel religion.
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Jered Jered
these religious types live in the stone age and need to stfu before they force sane people to take action against them.
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Gershom Gershom
Have you not studied Christianity or watched the news outside of the US? ALL religions have those who use violence to express themselves. Please educate yourself.
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Gershom Originally Answered: Why do some people claim that belief or lack thereof is a "choice"?
Okay Avocado I was raised as a Christian and I believed all the stories (gimme a break I was a kid). As I began to approach adulthood I noticed a few things weren't adding up, so I made the choice to study a bit more. read the Bible more thoroughly, read other historical accounts of the places and events mentioned, studied other - older - mythologies that had the same plot lines, did the math as it were. Eventually I came to the conclusion that religion was all a bunch of superstitious nonsense. So wouldn't that mean I made the choice to not believe? And when an intelligent analytical person (lets say a science professor) is presented with all the arguments and evidence, or should I say lack of evidence, yet this person continues to believe,aren't they choosing to ignore what they can see and understand? I can absolutely see how someone could believe or not believe without ever choosing to do so. After all I never chose to believe as child, but I did. But I think it can go both ways, you didn't choose to be an atheist and I made the choice to no longer believe. Well at least not without verification.

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