Who else thinks that the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is causing a hatred of supernatural/romance novels?

Who else thinks that the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is causing a hatred of supernatural/romance novels? Topic: How to start writing a love novel
July 21, 2019 / By Constance
Question: So I'm writing a book and it seems that every time I think of something to add in I have to rethink it and say "oh, wait, Stephanie's done it". The books used to be great, but then everyone started loving it and then the movies... and now everyone who used to think they were great are calling them smut and hating them. How does Harry Potter pull off being famous and not being a douche? Is it the romance? I think so. And all the mobs of teenage girls just totally ruined it for me. I can't stop and appreciate one of her books in the bookstore without being labeled as 'just another insane Twilight fan girl'. And now making comparisons in my novel, it's just totally unfair. Like, I can't write a book about a girl and a guy with a little sci-fi mixed in without it being a total Twilight knockoff? It's crazy. And I'd like to know everyone else's opinions.
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Bertie Bertie | 1 day ago
Wow. I know how you feel. Completely. I want to write a supernatural book. (Not romance, more like horror/action) However, it has... vampires and werewolves and lots of different evil demons. Problem is that, people are so hung up over Twilight, when I start writing I feel like people are just gonna say, "Oh, vamps? werewolves? Blah, you are copying Twilight!" What can I do? What can we do!? Wait until the Twilight phase vanishes? I don't think it ever will. Honestly... I think that no matter what happens, if you write a supernatural/romance book people will right away say "Omg you are copying Twilight." We are doomed. ... Sorry if I sound all down in the dumps. But I've been thinking the same thing you have for a heck of a long time. I want to write my novel soooo bad. But I fear that if won't be liked thanks to Twilight being so popular. I'm sad.
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Bertie Originally Answered: Stephanie meyer's next book.?
Asa Twihard, hopefully you already know about Midnight Sun- Twilight in Edwards point of view. It was started but left incomplete because someone posted it all over the web when it was less than halfway written. She refuses to write any more of it until "later" meaning who knows when. We do know that she is writing sequels to The Host; "The Soul" and "The Seeker" as well as a "The Host" Movie, although tragically; it could be years before the books are published for all we know, and the movie hasn't even been started yet (or so I heard). I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. ; ( I hope this helps! @Lily White-Yes she was being bratty about Midnight Sun-the same thing happen to the Sixth Harry Potter book and JK Rowling kept writing. The Host is even better than Twilight though; and I don't see it as ripped off she wrote her own version of how it would go and it was brilliant. And I hearby -with the authority of the Ministry of Magic- give Stephanie permision to use a story idea already out in the world (it isn't illegle). Besides, the only other read-alikes I know of are Animorphs and "Invasion of the body snatcher" The first (as epic as it is, is not a romance and the second is a horror.

Affton Affton
I totally agree with you! I was watching a premier, and just started hating the book! I think you should write a book! I think you'd have the talent, and I'm also writing a book, back in the old days were the blacks and whites weren't friends. It's okay so far, but I need a lot of work on it. It doesn't matter what you come up with! The point is, it's your book, make any changes you want, and make up the story as you go along, I hope that I can be your number one fan! P.S. I was watching holiday round table, when they were doing relationship grades, Robert and Kristen got an F, i WAS laughing so hard when i heard that.
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Thornton Thornton
i think twilight is just so over rated now... it was a very good book until it became so popular and the movie came out and ruined it... harry potter is just a classic amazing amazing fantasy series and i think you could totally pull something off that doesnt create such a mob of girls... just dont use any vampires :) good luck
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Quinlan Quinlan
Screw Meyer. I say, go for it! If you're generating something that is at least 'descent', than you're doing the world a wealth of good. I'm tired of seeing generic plot structures and 2-dimensional characters. That, my friends, is what we call 'fanfiction'. :)
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Quinlan Originally Answered: Who is the better writer? Stephanie Meyer or Anne Rice?
Anne Rice is undoubtedly better. Not only is her writing style far more mature and sophisticated, her stories are far more meaningful. Anne Rice's characters are more developed and life-like. They have very complex personalities and motivations that take several books worth of information to fully understand and appreciate. Also, Louis is far more interesting as a conflicted supernatural than Edward or any of the Cullens. He struggled for years with the moral implications of drinking human blood... but ultimately came to terms with what he was, while not losing sight of who he was. There was no real detailed explanation of how the Cullen's struggled, it just sort of said that it was "really hard"... with none of the in depth exploration of the situation that Rice gave to Louis... Plus, Meyer's vampire's are over endowed to a degree that is comical. Rice's vampires were beautiful, had enhanced physical capabilities, and were very difficult to kill... but sunlight was fatal. She did do away with the more silly notions like danger from crucifixes or garlic, but kept the one that is the most enduring and powerful, and has the most meaningful symbolism... she also gave more credit to her less inhibited vampires. In Twilight, any vampire that hunts humans is considered a complete monster... while Rice shows that it is more complicated than that. Even Lestat's cruelty is qualified in some way, and explored on a deeper level. Meyer's vampires had no real weakness... and I believe that she foolishly missed a golden opportunity to make her story more complex. Even if her vampires weren't harmed by sunlight, what if they looked old or ugly... or had some kind of monstrous transformation? That would have been a lot more interesting than sparkling... which is entirely benign other than being very conspicuous.... while the transformation would have served both those purposes... Frankly, I have to say that The Twilight books are among the worst books I have ever read... they're definitely the worst vampire books I have ever read... Anne Rice, on the other hand, is a brilliant author.

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