HELP! How do you clear writers block?

HELP! How do you clear writers block? Topic: How to write a block essay
July 21, 2019 / By Coralie
Question: I need to write an essay for English and I cannot get rid of my writers block. How do you get rid of yours? Please answer. And I'm already listening to my music and my friend tried to help me by screaming.
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Best Answers: HELP! How do you clear writers block?

Bess Bess | 4 days ago
I either go to sleep, or I watch.. at the same time... a really exciting movie or Tv show to get me on edge. I find it comes much easier when I'm freaking out
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Bess Originally Answered: Ah i have an writers block?
Sounds like you're struggling because you feel your work isn't that great. Did you expect to be able to write a masterpiece first time? You couldn't sit down at a piano and just play a concerto first time could you? You have to keep trying - keep practicing - start with easy stuff and work your way up. It may take months - it may take years. But enjoy writing for writing's sake and creative expression and you WILL get better. What certainly WON'T make you get better is sitting around NOT writing and wondering why your stuff is crappy! Just keep pushing through. Finish that crappy first draft and go back to the beginning and start editing. You will have learned tons by then and you'll be able to improve it loads! But you can't edit a blank page. Bad writing is better than no writing! Good luck!
Bess Originally Answered: Ah i have an writers block?
When you have a writer's block, it's best to just relax first and take a break. Don't think about it too much first... When your mind's already cooled off, the idea will come to you ;)

Afrika Afrika
Say to yourself: "What would I write in this situation?" It works funnily enough. OR try listening to music. (If your not already)
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Afrika Originally Answered: How do you get over writers' block?
Writing is simply putting life on paper. Look back upon special memories you have or observe your surroundings and just have fun with it. Use a little imagination/creativity and research perhaps and you'll get the job done :-)
Afrika Originally Answered: How do you get over writers' block?
I know exactly what you mean. I find if I can't come up with an idea to write about that a prompt is useful. Such as.... "The drums were beating slowly a bad sign for sure..." If I have an established topic and can't continue or begin writing about it, I talk to myself about the topic, why does a character do this or what is this objects purpose? How will this event effect this person and why? It may not help with the writers block but at least you're accomplishing something useful with your story that will help you write later. Remember, when you force yourself to write you aren't doing your best work, if you're stuck at a certain part skip over it and come back, or write a brief summary of what will happen putting down all of your idea and then work around that outline adding a line here or a statement there. Writers block is tricky because once you realize you have writers block you wonder how to avoid it and the more you wonder the more you procrastinate. Don't worry though inspiration will strike you one day and you'll know exactly what to write but for now fight through the writers block and write down what ever you have, it might not be the best but you are getting something accomplished. Hope this ( really long answer) helps!

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