Do these names fit together for a story?

Do these names fit together for a story? Topic: How to write a historical fiction story
July 19, 2019 / By Cordelia
Question: I writing a story and I just want to know if the names below sound like they are from the same "time period." It's not historical fiction, but I want the names to sound like they are from the Middle Ages. I'd also like a list of names similar to the ones I have listed. Please!! Women: Godiva Tamsin Lucrezia Evangeline Rosamund Giselle Men: Godwin Erik Percival Aidan
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Bessie Bessie | 5 days ago
The women fit together quite well, but Giselle sounds quite foreign, which they might not have used. They sound quite rich Middle Ages name, so good. Godwin sounds perfect, as does Percival, but Erik sounds a bit too Viking, how about Edmund or Edward? Aidan sounds a bit too modern as well- James, Henry, Harold, Lawrence? Women Eleanor/ Eleanora Margaret Matilda Georgiana Penelope Christabel Rosabel Rosalind Lilith Winifred Frederica Felicity Katherine Perdita Petronella Joanna/ Johanna Alicia Edwina Rowena Men Josiah Horace Herbert Henry James Lawrence Xavier Phillip Frances Frederick Gregory Tobias Timon Isaiah Benidorm Sebastian Paul Peter Anthony William Neville Wilfred Wilburt Walter
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Afrikah Afrikah
Well... Godiva sounds a bit 'out there' and wouldn't be very common in the Middle Ages. Tamsin is just... I don't even know what to say Aidan is too modern to be from the Middle Ages but as for the rest of them, they're amazing. Some suggestions are: Rosamund, Guinevere, Isolde, Gwendolyn, Isabelle, Arthur, Cedric, Raphael, James and Edward?
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Tiarnach Tiarnach
I think they're all fine except for Tamsin, Giselle and Aidan. Those three all sound too modern. Erik could also be a bit modern, as it's of Scandinavian origin (I think) and it might not have moved out of that area so early. Have a look for Old English names on Google.
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Radclyffe Radclyffe
The names DO fit mutually in a lots-too-obtrusive way. i does not have self assurance in this family individuals. Names are important in a narrative, and in specific circumstances this is greater important to have pastime characters than to obsess over the names you supply them. Too many books make this blunders, bobbing up exciting names/background, and detrimental communicate. do not make a similar MISTAKE
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