I am confused! cousin crush. help please.?

I am confused! cousin crush. help please.? Topic: How to write a cute text message
July 16, 2019 / By Cornelia
Question: first of all I'm 15 and my cousin is 21. lets name him A. don't tell me it's puppy love! please! he is my first cousin. I've had a crush on him since i was 10. he lives in another city but we see each other. so, a few days ago they came to our city and we (all of our family) traveled to another city. in that city we bought a house and we all lived there together. whenever i entered a room that he was present there too, he kept staring at me for like 10 or less seconds. then, when i sat and looked at him i caught him looking at me too. (but not always) then he played football at laptop with my other cousin. when they started playing my other cousin came to me and told me "A" wants you to watch the game. they were playing on the couch. i accepted and went to watch their game. when i sat next to A, our legs touched and he didn't move his leg after that. so i did the same too. i keep staring at him and when he look back, i get all shy and look away. but i still can feel his stare. he looks weird at my other guy cousins when i talk with them. at nights we (teens) go and sit at the yard and some of us smoke hookah. "A" smoke it looking at me and makes show with it's smoke looking at me again. also when i go to sit at yard he moves and makes a empty space next to him so i can sit. then we all talk and laugh. when he tells or says something funny and everyone laughs, he looks at me to see if I'm laughing. he is too cute and handsome and everything! but sometimes he acts like i'm not even there! he doesn't look at me or talk to me. he doesn't stay near to me! and sometimes i catch him sending text messages. but he never smiles when he is doing that. so i don't know if he has a gf or not. a few months ago i asked his sister if he has a gf or not and she said no. but i don't know if he has one now or not. i know he is on face-book and he knows i'm there too. but we won't add each other! i check his profile whenever i can. i also have his phone number and he has mine too. a few times i have texted him. but he didn't answer. so, when the travel time was over and we were coming back i could feel him tense. like he wanted to say something but he couldn't. he kept looking at my other cousins and saying something with his hands and then looking back at me. i was tense too! i really wanted to say something to him but there were a lot of people there. the last minuet when we were exiting i turned to him and told him his number and asked if it was his or not. he said it is. and when i asked why he doesn't answer my text messages he said "what text message?" smiling. then i glared at him and he walked to the door. i shook hand with him and walked to our car. they went back to their city too. now i'm really confused! i just really really love him and i don't know what the hell he is thinking! is he trying to make me jealous with that text messaging? or what...? don't tell me he is your cousin and you should not love him! i love him and theres nothing i can do about it! i tried forgetting him but it didn't work. now i want advice or help or i dunno! just say something! i want you to tell me: 1) does he like me? 2)what should i do to make him love me? 3)does he have a girlfriend? sorry for the bad writing. my mother language ain't English. :D and... wow! sorry if it's too long! i had to tell them all :D thanks. thanks everyone for answering. i was kinda flying when i read your answers saying he likes me or hes interested :D *sighs* i guess he is interested but sometimes he acts like he doesn't care about me but sometimes he acts like he is totally in love with me! i really wanna tell him, but i am afraid. it's weird and awkward! and when he looks at me in the eyes i forget everything! i forgot to say something :D after we went to our house, they were still there and left after 3-4 hours. when i reached home, i texted him : "this text message" and again he didn't answer. so i texted my other cousin and told him to ask "A" why isn't he answering. my cousin said he just said nothing and changed the subject. so don't tell me to say him i love you! first i should know if he loves me or not. how can i know that? i know he is my freaking cousin! you don't need to say that again! theres nothing i can do about it. i LOVE him! i know there are many guys out there. but when i just think about dating other guys i shiver! it feels weird thinking about other guys. i just want him. i really tried getting over him. but when i just hear his name or see him i fall for him all over again! he is my cousin, i can't avoid seeing or talking to him.
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