Help me be more organized?

Help me be more organized? Topic: Do homework help students pay
July 19, 2019 / By Corona
Question: School. I always seem to be unorganized. I loose pencils or can't seem to just put papers where they belong. Help me please? Also in Math i always seem to do not my best on test and quizzes. Or I don't always get everything... i'm always afraid to ask because no one else really asks questions. i'm in advanced classes and I feel kinda dumb when I don't get stuff or do bd on tests but good on just practice stuff... Any advice? Thanks
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Beth Beth | 9 days ago
In school, what I do is keep a planner and diligently write down assignments (including things I need to prepare for like tests or events). It was tough at first, but when you get into the habit, it's easier. I keep a matching folder and notebook for each class, and one general homework folder, so that way I only have to bring one folder home (and some notebooks if I need to reference my notes for the subject's homework) instead of several. The important thing is to make sure to keep your homework folder clear of spare papers and papers that you do not need for homework anymore, make sure to put them into the corresponding subject folders when you are done with them! (I was the worst at this, so at the very least, take your subject folders and your homework folder home every few weeks and clear it out! either into a subject folder or the recycling!) I usually also keep loose leaf paper in my homework folder and bring it around to every class. I also use some binders and other specific supplies, depending on what the teacher asks for or what my older peers say is better for the class. I carry a purse, so I usually keep my pencils in there, and yet I still lose them, so I cant help you much there haha As for asking for help in math, don't be afraid! My biggest advice for people is that, these people (teachers, guidance counselors, even lunch staff!) are here to help you! That's their job! So don't be afraid to ask questions, and I know this sounds corny, but most likely someone else has the same question! If you're still too nervous to ask questions in class, stop after the bell for a minute and ask your teacher if you can get extra help during study halls or after school, chances are, they'll be glad you are willing to put in that effort! And, another piece of advice I always have for people is that asking questions is not for "dumb" people! I'm one of the first in my class and I ask questions all the time! If I don't get something, I raise my hand and ask the teacher to clarify it. And another example I love to use is that the valedictorian last year (I'm going into senior year, so last year's senior class) was in the library every morning during our study hall with the math teacher for extra help on calculus. So first of all, you are in an advanced class, and even though the other students might seem smarter, you earned that spot in that class, and asking questions and asking for help when you need it shows maturity and an actual interest to learn and understand the material! And it pays off, as my examples show :)
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Beth Originally Answered: How can I become organized?
Get stickies that divide you binder into ur homework notes study guide etc. This is what I do. I had an organization problem and now its gone!

Aggi Aggi
I am also terribly unorganized. Most people just do not understand that we unorganized people would like to put things in the right place but when it comes down to it we forget or are in too much of a rush. what i did first was carry my backpack everywhere in school. Of course everyone does this in my school so it's not a big deal. Now I kept my pens and pencils in a small front pocket of my back pack. I would never be able to open a pencil case every period and put my pencil in it. By keeping them in the pocket i could just slide the pencil in where the 2 zippers met. I could keep my pencil safe within a split second!! Sounds silly but it definitely worked for me. If you don't wanna carry a back pack I recommend a spiral notebook (you need paper anyway) carry it to all of your classes and just put the pencil in the spiral to keep it safe. As for papers... I got a folder or a three ring binder for each class (depending on the amount of work). At the beginning of each class I got out the appropriate folder and kept it on my class the entire period. at the end of the period I just slid the papers from the period in. It didn't matter if they went in the pockets or not because they were all their and I didn't have my Calc homework mixed up with my Spanish. Also, I was never organized or motivated enough to keep a planner. I would just rip off a piece of paper if i had an unusual amount of homework and stick it in with my pencils. As for asking questions I really wouldn't worry about it. If your peers are that quiet they probably are half asleep anyway and won't notice your question at all. If asking questions infront of the class freaks you out you can always go to your teacher before or after school or after class. It's a lot easier to understand things if you're taught one on one. believe me, your teachers want to help you and they'll be thrilled that you're actually paying attention and want to learn. As for tests the only advice I can give you is to practice practice practice! do all your homework and study! the more comfortable you are with the practice stuff the more comfortable you will be while taking the test.
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Tiernan Tiernan
(Get a pencil bag that has holes in the side so you can put it in a binder) Get one binder with a pocket thing in the front. Every monday put a new clean sheet of paper in the front of your binder and pull it out when you find out you have a test/quiz/final/exam or even when your homework is due... when you get home EVERYDAY from school there should be something one the paper, whether it is homework, class work you didn't finish or a test to study for do it and then just highlight it or check it off your list to do and then you can go and do something you want or need to do like practice! You can also if you prefer to carry an agenda EVERYWHERE whether it is in your purse when your at the mall or in your backpack for school and write EVERYTHING you have to do in it (Day, Time, When it is due/going to be taken)! Trust me this will work if you stay on top of everything you will have better grades, feel more confident, and be ready for upcoming events(: Hope this helped! Good Luck
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Tiernan Originally Answered: How can i keep myself organized?
you should try to see if you can do anything that you do in the morning later, so you have time to sleep in, a little bit more and you won't be so much tired

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