I lost my school textbook?

I lost my school textbook? Topic: Classroom homework
July 16, 2019 / By Cortney
Question: The teacher told us to leave it in the classroom when we went to lunch. But after lunch the next period starts, so I left it in the classroom. She assigned us homework from the book so I dont know what to do
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Bethel Bethel | 2 days ago
either call up a friend and borrow the textbook or just tell her what happened when you get to class the next day..but if it really bothers you tell your parents to write you a note saying you left your book in the classroom and forgot to bring it home and to give you an extension/some more time for the assignment...no worries! relax
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Aggye Aggye
Yeah, I'd tell her, because I'm sure it is around somewhere, like some kid took it by mistake since all the books look the same and are loaned out. Meanwhile, I know you are at home without the book, but call a friend in the class or someone you know that has it and ask them for the problems over the phone or ask them if you could stop by and pick it up to photocopy the pages and then return it. Or have your parents write a note explaining the situation. Then, you can tell the teacher the next day, and I'm sure you will be able to find it, someone probably just put it in a desk since it was out, or something..
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Tikvah Tikvah
You can rent the school textbooks at your local library i think. If not, you can look on ebay or amazon and im sure they have them for a small ammount of money, WAY less than what you would have to pay to the school.
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Ralph Ralph
On the first day of school, in the future, get the telephone numbers & e-mails of three classmates. Then, when things like this happen, you can get the homework from them. Do that tomorrow, anyway. As to the book, report that it's lost (if it was stolen) & the adults will be on the lookout for it, so you don't have to pay for it.
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