Will I get into graduate school?

Will I get into graduate school? Topic: Admission university interview questions
July 21, 2019 / By Corynn
Question: I had a bad semester in grad school( 1st semester). I ended up with a 2.59 GPA which to me is terrible grades wise. As an undergraduate I had a cumulative 3.2 GPA. Since I am able to communicate effectively, research etc + the UG GPA,will my chances be heightened? I did well at the group interview I think. So.... how does it look for me? addendum: I didn't fail out of grad school. My specific program requires a cumulative 2.0( its a seminary) and a 3.2 is not low since most grad schools have a requirement of a 3.0 for admissions. I would be transferring from Denver Seminary to Regis University in Denver should it be successful.
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Bethney Bethney | 3 days ago
I'm confused - you've already started grad school according to your question, and it looks like you failed out of it (anything below a 3.0 average is failing in grad school). Your low undergrad GPA and failing grad school GPA will keep you out of most other programs unless you've got an outstanding research background (publications in top journals as first-author would help).
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Bethney Originally Answered: Is an AP Physics high school student ready for Graduate School?
The AP Physics tests test your knowledge on the first semester or two of introductory physics courses you would take as an undergraduate. You have dozens of classes in physics and mathematics as well as experience in research techniques to get under your belt before graduate school. One AP test doesn't cover 4 years of undergraduate instruction. Edit: and I did read the objectives....they are basic concepts taught in introductory college physics courses that students taking the AP Physics B and/or C exams should know
Bethney Originally Answered: Is an AP Physics high school student ready for Graduate School?
I think you're confusing graduate school with a first year Physics class in college. An AP student in ANY subject would utterly, utterly fail in a graduate-level course (which is why they would never be allowed to take them). An AP student is just going to have a leg up over the rest in taking a basic physics class in college or possibly (if s/he scores a 4 or a 5) the chance to skip the first level of physics and start on the next.
Bethney Originally Answered: Is an AP Physics high school student ready for Graduate School?
I think the AP Physics courses in high school are just introductory college courses. There are even more advanced physics classes and new topics in college that you need to take in order to be ready for graduate school.

Aglæca Aglæca
I'm sure its just the adjustment of 1st semester grad that may have thrown you off a bit. I think you'll be ok as long as you keep on top of your work and don't fall behind. Since you say that you have good communication and research skills you should be able to raise your GPA throughout the rest of your grad career. Idk if this helps, but all the best, good luck!
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Aglæca Originally Answered: If I want to go to MIT graduate school?
I think you need at least a 3.8. For graduate school, the application makes its way to the department you're applying to. So the most important thing is your recommendation letters. The faculty at MIT will be reading letters from their colleagues at UCLA, many of them will know each other professionally. If you get strong letter, you can afford to have a lower GPA (say if you got a B in comparative literature, but all A's in Engineering and math/science, then you should still be ok).
Aglæca Originally Answered: If I want to go to MIT graduate school?
For high ranking schools (US News and World Report) and Ivy league schools such as MIT, you can imagine the thousands of applications they receive every year. Most of these colleges don't have enough time to read every single one, just the best. I know the Admissions officer for Ohio State University and they use a computer program to automatically seed out people with a certain GPA and test score. If they are doing it, it's a good bet that MIT is two steps ahead. The average GPA needed for MIT is a 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. For Ivy schools, it's almost a given that you get a 4.0. Good luck and hope to see you here soon!

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