Why do job applications have sex/race columns?

Why do job applications have sex/race columns? Topic: Class jobs application
July 19, 2019 / By Cressida
Question: i never understood why people put such emphasis behind it. it's a man-made classification system, which incurred pricing for slaves during the slave trade, relocated the native americans towards the pacific and committed japanese americans to internment camps. i think it's time to let that system go. if you apply for a job, your application should have a simple number attached to it with a phone number. no picture, no race/gender status. those are all irrelevant and have nothing to provide to a workplace. diversity day is trivial as well. people should be respected for their morals, accomplishments, values and not of their race or gender. who thinks the same? or different? this is for a social science class project. :]
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Betsy Betsy | 5 days ago
They do that so they can show the labor board that they are indeed hiring minorities. See if they didn't hire any minorities they can get into trouble and if you notice some places seem to have a small hand full of the token minorities working for them. You sure can try to tell them to drop the race thing and I bet that they will just laugh. I get a kick out of people who go on with this why are people so caught up with race like all of the sudden it is something that should be dropped. It sure doesn't get set aside when people are out doing hate crimes.
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I'm American & I dont consider myself obsessed. Aware, but not obsessed. I think it normal 2 become aware of that which, at one time & may very well again have some affect(s) on your tomorrow(s).

Agnus Agnus
I partially agree with you, race column should definitely be removed but as for gender column, some job/professions are gender related like front office women are preferred cause they have sweet voice and for heavy lifting jobs men are preferred.
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Timo Timo
That's why such questions are ALWAYS on a separate page - the interviewer doesn't see it. Such data are collected by a company to see if they are meeting their own targets.
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Ranald Ranald
I beleive they have this column sadly to say because of race, i guess preferibly to a certain race sometimes, or skill type usually associated with the race. :D
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