Single mom and no one to talk to EVER?

Single mom and no one to talk to EVER? Topic: How do the sister wives support themselves
July 21, 2019 / By Crystal
Question: how do you handle the loneliness of being a single parent? i also go to school but my life doesn't fit in with the 21 year olds who have roomates, party, free to do what they want when they want. i don't have any friends either. i can never get out to keep any friends anyways. my life consists of going to school, and staying at home. my phone never rings, my family never visits, i've tried church but i feel like the married ppl don't want to be my friend either. anything i do i do alone. i go to movies alone, take my kids out alone, while i love my children with all my heart i feel like that doesn't replace adult interaction or companionship from a partner. my kids fathers have new wife/girlfriend, new kids and new lives, and don't pay child support, or be involved in any way in the kids life. i can't even describe how lonely i feel inside. sometimes i feel it is just to much to handle and that i'd be better off dead and the kids could go live with my rich sister and her husband. i know that is awful to say, but it is how desperately alone i feel. i don't drink anymore, i don't know why i can't have any friends to call on, to depend on?? i'm nice, but i just can't get out, and like i said the ppl i know are acquiantances who have their own busy lives to live. coming over to my house to watch t.v. isn't exactly a good time to them. so that is my life, and i'm only in my early 30's. yes i know the heartless, judgementa A holes out there will tell me it's my fault, but i was abandoned in a committed relationship and one marriage to care for children i didn't make alone. adoption was never an answer either because the selfish men saw my kids like a dog buyer sees a pedigree chart, thats all they are to them....and me....i just feel like a vagina and uterus to these men whom i trusted completely. :( what can i do to meet ppl who will be my friends? i'm sorry, i know this is awfully sad, but it's true, i have not one person to talk to in my life besides the casual day to day conversations i do at school. thank you everyone.
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Betty Betty | 9 days ago
The activities that you mention are NOT interactive activities. Watching movies & TV shows are isolating in nature, and activities in name only. They can be accomplished just as well by yourself, as with others around. I find that such 'activities' actually accentuate feelings of loneliness, instead of alleviating them. . . I grew up in a household almost totally devoid of interaction, while various members sat around the TV a LOT. So, I suggest changing your choices of entertainment to actual ACTIVITIES which include true INTERACTION of those involved. TURN OFF the TV, and GET INVOLVED with other people, not the least of which should be your children. Engaging in passive entertainment instead, equals the neglect of personal relationships, including those of child-parent, and friend-friend. Why aren't you pursuing the father/s of your children through the legal system, to get child support from them? The court can legally garnish their wages, if necessary. That way you wouldn't have to work as long of hours, & could spend more time with your kids, & make new friends. However, we need to be good friends in order to have good friends. And, we tend to turn people off if we're negative all the time, because it is depressing to listen to negative people. And, you seem to be in a rut of pessimistic thought. So, you ought to start working your way out of that rut! Following the suggestions in these articles can really help with that: "You Can Fight Pessimism" - Positive, Goal-Oriented Thinking http://watchtower.org/e/20040422/article... "Satisfying Our Hunger for Friendship" - Take Practical Steps Toward Friendship - Open Your Heart! - To Have a Friend, Be a Friend - Show Respect for Others - Do Not Demand Perfection - Loyal Friends Through Thick and Thin http://watchtower.org/e/20041208/article... Become a positive person, with positive, up-building goals. If you are depressed, seek *natural* ways to relieve that depression: http://www.chiro.org/nutrition/FULL/Who'... Single-Parent Families CAN Succeed! : - Single Parent Families are on the rise http://watchtower.org/e/20021008/article_01.htm - Single Parents have Multiple Challenges http://watchtower.org/e/20021008/article_02.htm - A Lone Parent, but Not Alone! http://watchtower.org/e/20021008/article_03.htm Why So Many Lonely People? - Coping With Loneliness - When No One Will Ever Feel Lonely Again - What You Can Do About Loneliness Now http://watchtower.org/e/20040608/article_01.htm You & your children are welcome to visit the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. We all study the Bible together, whether married, single, or yet children. We don't avoid anyone due to social, racial, economic, or marital status: http://jw-media.org/aboutjw/article42.htm#kingdomhalls We provide excellent Bible study aids for parents to study with their children, and show how to use them: "My Book of Bible Stories" # "Learn From the Great Teacher" + "Questions Young People Ask---Answers That Work" % Also available is the fine Bible study aid for adults wanting to learn what God's Word itself teaches, which is often used in the free Bible studies which we conduct with interested ones: "What Does the Bible *Really* Teach?" = We would love to see you! No obligations for either visiting, or, studying with us! .
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Betty Originally Answered: How does a single father talk to his daughter about her first period?
I don't get why it is so difficult. It happens to all girls eventually. It's no different than potty training them and wiping their bum. If you have a good close relationship with her, it should be no problem for you to explain to her the facts of life. Like when it comes to sex - who do want to teach her about sex? You (who has the best interests for her) or her friends/school/media, etc? You're her father. She should have the most trust in you. Just do it.

Aila Aila
Sometimes it's just hard to find a person you click with especially if you are around people who are in different places in their life than you. If you are in church and enjoy it go to a Church that has a small group for single parents..mine does it's a huge church so I know not every church offers that but you could find one..if you have your kids with you all the time do some activities where other parents will be there as well.... parks, mini golf, potery making places it's easier to strike up a conversation when your kids are occupied lol..and don't be afraid to ask if you click with someone whether it's friend or relationship potential go ahead and ask if they might want to get the kids together sometime. Good luck I hope you feel better about everything soon your kids are lucky to have a loving mother like you but it's so important for you to be happy as well!
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Tobiah Tobiah
Search the internet the internet in your local area some places have single parent groups/clubs. Depending on the age of your children maybe there is a mother a toddler group you could go to. Or can you enroll your children in after school clubs or sports groups just to get you all out of the house more often. As for church persevere. The trick is to get out and about as much as possible. Say hi to your neighbors as you pass on the street or regular people you may see in the local shop or regularly at the bus stop. There are plenty of online chat rooms and forums to discuss everything from pets to children
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Randolf Randolf
I know you have said that you have tried church, but try finding one (like ours) that has a single parents sunday school class or support group. Try meet and greets with your kids' friends parents. It sounds to me though towards the end that you are talking about men, why don't you focus on you and your children now. Find a few new people to talk to, but leave man hunting out for now. Try chat groups online. There are groups that you can go to to talk to people in your state through yahoo chat! ask around, find people in your area. Join a bowling or some other type of group, etc. Good luck to you!
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Martie Martie
WOW...... you litterly couldn't have said it any better. I feel in every word exactly the same . I wish I could have a friend to call on for late night talks. Or sleeps over with for those funny moments. What advice personally can you give from one single mom to another. I'm litterly trying to hold it togther the best I can for my 3 boys (5,3,2) ( I try my best to keep it togther with no family and litterly no friends to talk or even go out with for a night :/ . . .
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Jesimiel Jesimiel
Here's a person's opinion... With or with out youngsters, no guy desires a girl who allow herself move and/or has a lifestyles that's a whole mess. We guys additionally do not wish females who don't have any time to be our girlfriends. So you will have a sixteen-month historical little one. Are you in a position to head out on dates with guys on a REGULAR BASIS? I met a girl with a two yr historical child as soon as. She was once going to university and her loved ones was once good-to-do, so that they took care of her and the little one. However, her lifestyles was once mega busy with university and being a mother....to the factor wherein she was once calling me daily, however could under no circumstances make a lot time in any respect to peer me. Even time she obtained she could dedicate it to her gal associates. So finally, I walked in view that I may not be any individual's "occasional boyfriend". If your lifestyles is mega busy, then you definitely could simply ought to placed courting at the shelf for a whilst till matters chill out. If you're in steady drama with the ex, otherwise you are not able to keep a role, or every other large crimson flags, then I'm sorry to mention that it's going to make matters tougher on you to uncover love. REGARDLESS...I realize many unmarried mothers who determined love with no trouble. It's now not as hopeless as a couple of men and the media makes it out to be. BUT...those females had time to be any individual's female friend and their lives weren't a large number. Plus they have been relatively lovely and fascinating. Just be a horny girl the best way you know the way...and be certain you'll have steadiness to your lifestyles, now not a steady wrestle up to now and be a mother and such.
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Jesimiel Originally Answered: Fellow single people, why are we in a relationship world when being single is the thing to do?
myspace, in my world is NOT for relationships. sure people go on there to find a date, but there are plenty of other dating sites. i myself am not a fan of relationships. i have never had one last longer than 6 months-and it only went that long cause it took 3 months to get the psychos to leave me alone. it has been 3 years since i truly dated someone. and just cause less than half the population is married, i bet the other 52% that are "single" are really in relationships, just not married. most people i know have a significant other & they prefer it that way. they have a fear of being alone. i'm glad i'm not like that. i prefer the single life. if something good comes along i'm for it, but you will NOT find me out ther searching for a bf.

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