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July 21, 2019 / By Cyndi
Question: so im 13 and i want to activate a cingular phone. what do i do. just buy a prepaid cingular phone at any store and activate it online? do i have to have parent "guidence" like credit cards or stuff like that?
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Bibi Bibi | 3 days ago
You can go to a Cingular store and buy a pre-paid cell phone. Just be aware because pre-paid cell phones usually do not have the special discounts as a phone for a two-year contract would have. (Like the Razr phone - it will be full price or a little something knocked off.) If you are viewing the prices online, most likely that is not what you will be paying. There are some cases where the phone prices will be the same though. When you buy the phone and a card for minutes/text messages, they will activate it for you right then and there. Then you go home and charge it, and when it is fully charged, you are good to go. The good thing about pre-paid cell phones is that you do not need a credit card, security deposit, contract, or parental permission. I know that Cingular has two different types of pre-paid plans. One is where you buy a ceratin dollar amount and the amount you spend on the phone talking to someone or texting, it deducts from that dollar amount. Then you refill it when it is low. The other option is a monthly plan where you have a set amount of minutes (like a regular plan) but you do not have a contract and it is more flexible. Go to the website I posted below to view both pre-paid plans for Cingular. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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The key word is almost guraranteed. The Sidekicks are designed to work on T-mobile Data service only. You can use the phone features on a different plan but not the Data services. That means you wont be able to do ringtone, apps or anything like that. That only can be purchased and downloaded from T-mobile. Some day that may not be the case, but it is for now. If you want to use att/cingular buy an iphone or such!
Bibi Originally Answered: Should i buy a sidekick 3 for cingular? what is my risk?
initially your answer is not any yet in case you examine with particular third social gathering cellular shops they could "flash" your device to modify between those carriers, perhaps even cingular or tmobile shops might want to do it yet its unclear i did not comprehend it change into genuine till i discussed a RAZR that had a tmobile style on the batt conceal although the domicile exhibit screen suggested cingular. so some distance because the inet plan question, i do not hav knowledge, hence no answer

Ailey Ailey
you need a cingular prepaid. so here is what you do if you have your cingular compatible phone you have to get a prepaid sim card to with your cingular phone and the price for that may be around 30$ and you will have to buy prepaid cingular cards they are usually in supermarkets and other stores that sell lottery no you dont need parent permission to get a prepaid cingular phone just do to the store and tell them what you what and they will help you and also ask the store clarks any question you want to know
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Todd Todd
My kin all use AT&T/CINGULAR cellular telephones. My brother at the instant offered "the sync". it particularly is a black turn telephone that rather resembles the razr, yet is extra perfect high quality. It has a digital camera on it. It additionally has those massive buttons that are ordinary to text fabric with. it particularly is enormously intense-high quality. i'm particular it particularly is low priced too, because of the fact I advise come on, my sixteen-365 days-previous brother offered it.
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Todd Originally Answered: How Do Cingular Go Phones Work?
There are two main options for calls. In either case you purchase the prepaid amounts from a store, and depending on your usage, it gets deducted from your balance. Also, each time you buy prepaid amounts, there is an expiration time, by which you have to use it up, or you lose it. In option 1, you get charged a flat rate of $0.25 for every minute (including partial minutes) or airtime that you use. Note that this is airtime, so incoming and outgoing calls cost the same. You can call any US number and receive incoming calls from anywhere in the world. In this case, for example if you use the phone for 1 hour (60 minutes), your balance would decrease by $15 that day. In option 2, you get charged a flat fee of $1 on every day that you use the phone (even if you use the phone for just one minute, and you don't get charged anything on days that you don't use the phone), and then, you are charged $0.10 for every minute of airtime. Again, you can call any US number and receive incoming calls from anywhere in the world. Using the same example above, with this plan you would be charged $1 for using the phone, and then $6 for 60 minutes of usage, a total of $7. So obviously, if you use the phone a lot, then the second option (with the $1 daily charge) works out cheaper. The break-even point is 15 minutes of usage. If you use the phone for 15 minutes or more per day, then option 2 with the $1 daily charge is cheaper. If you use the phone for less than 15 minutes a day, then the other option is cheaper.

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