Vet credit/debit check question?

Vet credit/debit check question? Topic: How to write a check to yourself from a credit card
June 27, 2019 / By Cyrilla
Question: so I am takin my cat to the vet tomorrow, I am either writing a post dated check ( I know what that means) or using my credit/debit card.. well If I were to use my card, do they take the debit or whatever out right then? or how does that work? Could someone explain it to me? thank you
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Bijou Bijou | 5 days ago
Debit cards result in instantaneous transfer of funds from your checking account to theirs, if the PIN is used. If the PIN is not used, the transaction is similar to a credit card where the vet get the transaction authorized, the bank puts a hold on that amount and the money actually moves from your account to theirs a couple days later. -MM
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Bijou Originally Answered: What's the point of writing a check when you have a debit/credit card?
You cannot use a debit card everywhere. How about the repair man or fix it guy who does some work at your house? They don't take plastic. You can write a check. You can also use the check to mail payment. I wrote an actual paper check to pay income taxes. I never use a debit card. I use the online billpay at my bank. That way I schedule payment for all my bills, including setting up auto payment for recurring bills. I still have complete control and a papertrail. I can change or cancel a payment up to a couple days of the due date. If you use a debit card to pay thru the creditor's website, you give them direct access to your bank account -- they pull from your account, instead of you pushing. There are all sorts of horror tales of duplicate payments or larger amounts being taken. In the case of shopping, I use a cash back credit card for everything. I pay the balance in full and literally get paid to use their money. Why would anyone every use a debit card?

Ailith Ailith
Debit/credit card will debit your account within 24 hours. If you use it today, your account will be debited tonight most likely. Just let you know a post dated check will not prevent them from depositing it in the bank. Even if you tell them not to, there is no guarantee they won't. However, since check will go through their bank first, it will take at least a day longer for the check to clear than debit/credit card transaction.
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Tolly Tolly
If your refering to using a check card, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to see it on your statement, depending on your bank and the company. The thing is, if you don't have the available funds the day you use it, it will reject your card. If you don't have the money for the vet just yet, then write a post dated check if they will accept them. Make sure you have enough before the check goes through though.
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Rastus Rastus
credit or debit takes it right out. I don't think the vet would take a post dated check. And even if they did it is no guarantee that they won't cash it anyways and it will go through, cause I know people who work at a bank usually don't catch it. Reschedule your vet appointment till you have the money!!
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Rastus Originally Answered: In mangerial accounting, are manufacturing overhead costs (actual) recorded as a debit or credit?
Manufacturing overhead incurred goes on the debit side. Mfg overhead applied goes on the credit side. I hope the attached site will clarify this for you.

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