Started off high school with a 1.5 GPA, what's necessary for college?

Started off high school with a 1.5 GPA, what's necessary for college? Topic: My college essay pdf
June 27, 2019 / By Dacey
Question: I finished my first year of high school also i am currently attending summer school and excelling at that. I'm just wondering how i can turn it around...
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Billie Billie | 6 days ago
In college you have to show SAP called satisfactory academic progress in order to continue receiving financial aid and scholarships. You have to maintain positive academic progression as you go through college, because they do not want to continue giving you financial aid if you are not doing well and failing your classes. The college you go to will have a SAP policy. Usually you can find it online at the college you want to attend. Here is a sample: http://www.uwp.edu/departments/financial... If you get suspended from financial aid then you have to pay for your own college usually for a semester and have to get those grades back up to meet SAP and then they decided if they will reinstate you. Important. http://school.familyeducation.com/colleg... Make sure you join a group or groups in high school and try to get some type of leadership job in that group if you can, but not required. Make sure you volunteer. Just go once a month on a weekend day or whenever and volunteer. There should be a website for volunteer opportunities in your area. Try to get a job, even if its just your senior year. It shows responsibility plus it will help you learn about money, banking, etc which you will need in college. Get those grades up no matter what. Also everyone knows anyone can ace summer school as its not the same as real classes and they usually pass you if you show up and do mediocre, so they know that too. In high school and especially in college when you start having trouble in a class dont wait, get help right then. Ask your office if they have student tutors, ask the teacher for extra help, etc. Dont wait until you get the bad grade, get help so you dont get a bad grade. Also in college there are so many tutors, study groups, professors help etc. So its all out there for you to pass you just have to apply yourself in learning and getting help if needed. Also in college its not like high school a C grade is passing usually so most courses require a C or higher or they require you to retake it. Because each degree you need certain classes in order to graduate and they will say C or higher required so that is important to know. Note, my daughter was not a great student in high school. Just average grades and did not think she was college material. She was involved in 2 groups in high school and did do volunteering twice a month the last 2 years of high school. She also had a job in her senior year. Her guidance counselor suggested she go on a field trip to a local university so she went and she was actually accepted on the spot into the college. The counselor had them all bring in references from teachers and an essay. She is doing okay. She did fail one class which she took on accident and could not get out of but now is starting her final year and planning to get her master's degree as well. Make sure in high school you get some good relationships with teachers, principal, counselor etc because you will need recommendations from them. So you should do well. Just really balance your life. You need to have fun your final 4 years of high school but also do well in grades. Also at your age do not do anything irresponsible and I mean with the law, drugs, drinking, or in your relationships with a significant other. Be safe and smart in all aspects of that. Dont mess up your future.
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Billie Originally Answered: I Just Started High School. and I can baley do as much homework as a third grader without crying?
I think that puts you in the emo category. Something that helped me a lot is a piece of paper that I have and I jot down the homework assignments I have to do that day on it and if there's a test coming up tell myself to study for it and anything else you'll need to remember to do after school so you won't get stressed out on whether you remembered to do all your homework or not, all you have to do is look at your piece of paper. I purposely skip 1 out of 2 big projects though because I hate them so and if I do half of them my letter grade will only go down one and I can handle a C
Billie Originally Answered: I Just Started High School. and I can baley do as much homework as a third grader without crying?
you JUST started high school, this is a normal thing. Go talk to your guidance counselor at school. Mabye you need just a little extra help with effectively doing homework. Do not get down on yourself starting high school is a big step, its stressful and your hormones are going insane. Just ask for help when you need it, ask teachers, counselors, friends, older siblings. I even found asking the librarians for help with research is AWSOME, they are usually always willing to help, and they are really friendly!, I STILL talk to my old librarians from school and that was almost 10 years ago

Ailsa Ailsa
As long as you graduate from high school, you can go to a community college. However, the better you do, the more choices you will have available to you. Congratulations on doing well in summer school. Realizing your mistakes and fixing them is an important first step in doing well in school.
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Tom Tom
Do your homework and your projects. Also, go over your study guides before tests, simple... As for what's necessary for college, you have to realize that it depends on what college you want to go to. In addition, you have to realize that just about anybody can get into some sort of college. There's a university in my state called SU NO that's pretty much a community college. I can't think of a single person who couldn't get into that place.
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Tom Originally Answered: When can a high school student start applying for college? I will be a senior this coming school year?
You can officially apply in the fall/when you go back to school your senior year. You need letters of recommendation, your official transcript from guidance counselors, etc. Over the summer you can prepare by writing your college essays, decide which schools you are applying to and research the requirements, fill out your senior brag sheet and start filling out your common app.

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