I want to get married. BUT??

I want to get married. BUT?? Topic: How to write a written statement for graduate school
June 17, 2019 / By Dahlia
Question: So here's the story. I know this is really long so just skip to the second part if you'd like. Thanks for reading. A little about his past.. When he was a sophomore he started dating this girl. He went to basic training his junior year. He was doing a drill and his wrist shattered & they kicked him out because at the time you couldn't have a fake wrist and be in the military. His dad was pissed and kicked him out of his house. The girls parents let him move in with her. He proposed to her when he graduated and a few months later found out that she had cheated on him the whole time he was at training.. He broke it off. He moved back home then met a new girl and moved in with her. They had to move for his job they got a house together and got engaged. They were together for 3 years then she started cheated because she said he worked too much EVEN THOUGH she was telling him he had to work overtime because he wasn't making enough money. She had no job and was paying for all her sister's bills and her baby with HIS money which she told him after he kicked her out for cheating. A few months later he met a new girl. They met at the beginning of january and got engaged that valentines day. He took her to a "romantic getaway" and proposed with a 3 carat ring. In June she cheated on him. She was young and JUST finished high school at Christmas time. She was 18 and he was 22 at the time. Then we met. We've been together for almost three years. We are both 25. I really want to get engaged. I feel really jealous of his ex because he took her on vacation all the time and got her a fancy ring and proposed so quick and always bragged about her to everybody and was so sweet to her and always wrote her sweet things on facebook. He always say "I can't wait to marry you" and all this other stuff but make NO effort at all to buy a ring. Every time he gets the littlest bit of money he buys something for his truck. Once he told me to look at rings and I asked how much and he said "Well I spent $6000 on my last ex so i guess that's about how much I should spend on you." I found one for $4000 that I liked and we got in an argument and he told me no girl is worth that much to him blah blah blah. We never fought like that before. But now he's back to saying how much he wants to marry me and how he can't wait and I'm always like we're not even engaged. I really really want to get engaged but every time I say something he says we will someday and how he can't wait. We don't live together but might as well because he comes straight here after work and usually stays the night. We have our phones on the same bill so I know he doesn't cheat because I get the phone records lol. And he got me a credit card on his account. Why won't he propose? I don't know what to do..?
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Bithia Bithia | 8 days ago
Anytime you you make a statement, then say, with emphasis BUT, everything previous to the "but" is negated, as if it were never said or is of no importance. So dump him and find someone where "but" will never come up.
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Ailsie Ailsie
If you hang in there another five years you will then be 30 and in about the same place. He's getting frequent sex and none of that annoying commitment stuff. He can keep saying someday and you buy into it, don't you? Guys know that girls want to get married. Most guys don't want to rush the process, so they delay. He's still got a thing for his ex, doesn't he? And you seem to be his second choice, but a marked down model, more of a bargain fiance than the first girl. You are likely wasting your time with this guy. He taking some mini steps but these seem more for convenience. He wants a girl friend with benefits, not a wife. Think about it and you'll likely reach the same conclusion.
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Tommie Tommie
Not to be rude but you sound like a spoiled selfish brat. He's already been engaged 3 times before, he has learned his lesson and is taking it slow. Quit comparing what his past relationships were like. If u really love him give him time, but honestly, if you ask me it seems like its the ring you're after, not the man...
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Raymond Raymond
It might have something to do with the fact his last 3 girlfriends cheated on him after things started to get serious. Maybe he is taking his time with you cus he is scared. Just dont push him. It will happen if he really loves you.
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Mathew Mathew
Sounds like he's not really interested in getting married anytime soon. I guess you need to determine how much longer you're willing to wait. And no need to argue with him about this anymore, you've already stated your want and he obviously isn't on the same page as you.
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