Is a good balance of self constructive criticism and personal positive reinforcement good for success in life?

Is a good balance of self constructive criticism and personal positive reinforcement good for success in life? Topic: Why did the sister wives family have to move
July 21, 2019 / By Daisy
Question: I was wondering this as I was sitting here. What do you think? Growing up, I don't believe I got much of that from my parents and therefore didn't understand what it took to be successful in life. Neither parent was able to spend much time disciplining and helping us kids as they both had to work long hours to make ends meet. They weren't as involved in our schooling as I had wished they were. I also wish they would've helped me to reason on some of the choices I made before I made them. Not that I'm necessarily blaming my mom and dad, as they had rough upbringings too. They married relatively young (dad was 21, mom was 19) and had two kids (myself and my sister) soon thereafter. We moved several times in my life due to economic circumstances. I sometimes feel angry that I didn't have a more stable childhood but try to remember that they always stayed together for me and my sis. I try to see the glass as half full. My parents have told me how they regretted mistakes they made. Career wise I'm not where I feel want to be, and I've never had a wife or girlfriend (I take some responsibility for that, I know I need to be more proactive and assertive about those things). Also I know I made some stupid decisions as a youth and am dealing with the consequences. While I wish I could go back and change the past, I am teaching myself now to not give in to feelings of low self worth but instead give myself constructive criticism and positive self reinforcement.
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Bithiah Bithiah | 9 days ago
I had a similar upbringing with exception, my Parents did not engage in my education for the most part, which I assume was due to their preoccupation with making sure my sister and I ate. I also always felt the love even though they didn't show it like I do, and I had to teach myself that part of life. To this day I feel a detachment of sorts with respect to family. Nothing I would ever admit to though, as I also believe they need my love, strength, wisdom and conviction always (kids are grown). As for your constructive criticism, I would ditch that all together! Why criticize, it doesn't serve any purpose and will only depress you. Look at your wrong turns as learning steps towards eventual success. Mistakes were made by all great people and I have to believe they just kept moving forward with out looking back. After all the purpose of life is to have a life of purpose, so get to it and quit looking at the down side of past things. To improve your self esteem, begin a process of making yourself the best you can be for you, and stop considering your personal life. That is, you need to clear your mind of influence perception that makes you feel like you are unable to have a relationship or don't look good to someone. I guarantee you that fixing you self image for you will attract quality people to your life that are sincere and will last the test of time. Back up your self reinforcement with some good theory like the "Secret" and while your at it, read the book:The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. You'll be a happy camper and probably be starting a family within the next year or two, which is still young... Good Luck.
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