Husband going into basic - baby due in July?

Husband going into basic - baby due in July? Topic: Basic job cover letter
July 16, 2019 / By Dakota
Question: My husband is leaving in June for Basic at Fort Bragg and will be gone for 28 weeks. I am pregnant and the baby is due at the end of July. 1) I was told I would be covered under Tricare once he goes through reception, but recently heard we would get no BAH, medical, or other benefits until he enters AIT. He quit his job to join, and I am now uninsured. What is true? 2) I know they don't have phone privileges, but will I be able to call him when I'm having the baby? I had heard sometimes they will let you under certain circumstances... 3) I adore my husband and can't imagine not seeing him for six months. If I flew down there and just showed up with a new baby in my arms would they turn me away or let him see his daughter? Even if it is only for 15 minutes, it would be worth it to me. 4) Who do I contact on base where I live if I have questions or need something? Does he have a commanding officer here, or do I need to contact Fort Bragg every time I need an answer?
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Blair Blair | 10 days ago
Unusual for Basic to be at Fort Bragg... I didn't know they did that still. When I joined (a long time ago...) they used to have Reserve Training units conduct Basic at Bragg... 28 weeks sounds like Basic and AIT. Anyway, 1) You will be covered under Tricare as soon as the info gets put into DEERS (Defense Eligibility Enrollment System) when your husband inprocesses reception. He will also get BAH based off of your zip code until he finishes training. He won't get BAS. All other benefits are a go, as soon as he is inprocessed. He will also mail you the forms you need to get your Military ID card at that point. You will have full coverage from that moment in reception. You can get your ID at any military base near where you live - it doesn't have to be an Army base. He should send instructions along with the forms. That ID card is your "insurance" card for Tricare. 2) You may contact the Red Cross when you go into labor, and they will get him on the phone through his chain of command ASAP. They will probably let him call anyway, as you approach your due date etc. 3) You can't just show up. They will not let you see him at your leisure. There is a Family Day towards graduation that you can attend. For you to want special treatment isn't fair to the other 300+ people in his company - nothing makes you or him special. You aren't the first wife to give birth in this situation. You won't be the last. 4) You will get a welcome letter from his Basic Training unit, with contact information and another later on with graduation information. You may call them at any time. You should get the welcome letter about 1 week after he is out of reception, and actually in his training unit. Bottom line is you can contact his chain of command anytime, and you can always call the red cross - they will find him no matter where in the world he happens to be, and get him on the phone, usually within 24 hours, depending on the circumstances. Any recruiter can help you with questions at home also. **Congratulations on your upcoming birth, and you sound like a very devoted wife! Stick with it, and everything will turn out ok!! :)
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Blair Originally Answered: Husband left for basic training?
He will be able to write you a letter sometime within the first week although it might take a little longer to get to you because it has to go thru so many hands. Good things to send to someone in basic training include: extra socks (ankle high and white, no logos) extra underwear (white briefs) stamps and stationery w/ envelopes, black sharpie markers, photos of the fam & scotch tape to tape them to his locker with, a little bottle of hand sanitizer, band aids, a pocket pouch of toilet paper, ballpoint pens, a tiny notepad to fit in his pocket, a nail clipper (remove the cuticle blade, they aren't allowed) Do NOT send him goodies like magazines or snacks or cards. He isn't allowed anything "fun". I would stick to the list above and then just let him tell you what he needs you to send. Write him every day, he will be in a lot of stress at Benning and letters from home are like gold.

Aimie Aimie
When you are entered into DEERS, you are automatically enrolled into Tricare Standard. This means there is a yearly deductible and co-pay for all your appointments. You need to find a doctor in your area that is accepted BY Tricare, not accepts Tricare. If they are not accepted by Tricare then you can be stuck with the whole bill yourself. Once he has sent you paperwork in the mail in which you can now get a military ID you will then be allowed to switch to Tricare Prime. with Prime there is no co-pay or deductible. BUT when it starts depends on when you register. If you register before June 20th then you are covered on July 1st, but if you register after June 20th then it doesn't start until August 1st. He needs to make sure he takes your Social Security #, Marriage Certificate and voided check to set up the deposit. It can take up to 8 weeks before it will appear in the account but it will be backdated to the date he started. There will be Basic Pay, BAH (housing allowance - based on your zip code during this time) and Family Separation Allowance ($250 per month). There will also be deductions like FICA, Social Security, Medicare, SGLI (life insurance $29 per month for him), FSGLI ($7 life insurance for you), GI Bill ($100 per month for first 12 months of AD), AFRH (.50 per month) & on the first month will be Advanced Debt. Up to $250 for anything he needed at the exchange. Once you have the child you can send a message through Red Cross letting him know. The earliest you can see him will be at Graduation and no time before that. Usually BCT is around 9 weeks, so it isn't 28. That is AIT (schooling) he will have restrictions then on what he can and can't do but he can talk to you more than while in BCT. For graduation you will have to pay to get yourself there & accommodation. If you have questions you need to talk to the recruiter or you can go to an online group like yahoo groups, military.com discussions or cinchouse.com (forum) and they should be able to help you.
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Tone Tone
Looks like you are stuck. Be thankful that we are covering your baby. When I first joined in the 70's we didn't cover "pre pregnancies" We made the guy wait until the baby was born. III
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Raynard Raynard
I'm going to second what he said. It's the same for the Navy, if your are near the Birth date, get in touch with the Red Cross. They will find him and he will be allowed to speak with you, before / after birth.
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