What are Creationist parents who homeschool their kids, saying to them?

What are Creationist parents who homeschool their kids, saying to them? Topic: How to write a check for kids
July 19, 2019 / By Dale
Question: I mean in the broader sense, what does that say to a kid who knows other kids in his/her neighborhood are going to the local public school? Is it good for their self-esteem, their sociability? Or does it perhaps give them a false sense of entitlement over the other kids in the town, the neighborhood, on the block? Regardless of where these kids score on scholastic aptitude tests (except science!!), is creationist homeschooling good for society? Is it good for the kids psyche and his/her place in society? Why or why not?
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Blanch Blanch | 1 day ago
> Moose wrote: All home schooled kids have to follow state guidelines regarding the curriculum so they get as much (at the very least) education at home as publicly schooled kids do. Response: Unfortunately, at least in California (which is one of the more progressive and science-friendly states), they don't. From http://homeschooling.about.com/gi/o.htm?... : "Private schools are not required to submit their curricula, evaluation procedures, faculty records or even attendance records to any government official. You can check this by calling any traditional private school and requesting if they are mandated to submit such documentation to public school officials for approval. There is also no state requirement for achievement testing of private school students. Finally, note there are no criteria specified for denying private school status, or for appealing such a denial. The fact is that private schools are not regulated by any government agency in the State of California, nor is there any approval process for California private schools. Therefore, if a family has established a private school by following §33190, (or is homeschooling by following §48224 regarding tutors) then their homeschool does not need government approval, and there is no application to submit that can be denied." > What are Creationist parents who homeschool their kids, saying to them? Whatever the heck they want, apparently. > Is it good for the kids psyche and his/her place in society? Why or why not? As long as the child never finds out how much she's been lied to or how much information has been kept from her, I'm sure she'll be fine. The primary problem is that society suffers because we raise a generation that can't tell basic science from religious propaganda. That is the primary reason the US, alone among the industrialized nations, is now at a 46% acceptance level for Young Earth Creationism. http://www.gallup.com/poll/155003/hold-c...
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Blanch Originally Answered: This question is for parents who decide to homeschool their kids; I am just curious why you decide to do that.
Well, my older two were in school for five years, the next two for two years. The younger ones have never been to school. Their reaction? They love it. they love being home, they love the freedom to live and learn on their own time, in their own way. Our neighborhood school is nice, for what it is. It's small, maybe 300 kids, but the building is small with about 30 kids per classroom. The PTA is active and raises money for computers and playground equipment, but they treat differently abled kids as pariah. Otherwise it's great. I homeschool each of my kids for a different reason. My oldest has aspergers, he has some social problems but is highly gifted. The school could not academically challenge him, in the fourth grade he asked a question about solving something algebraically, and the teacher told him, Algebra is too hard, you have to wait til high school. Um, hello, it's not hard, we use it every day! My second has severe autism, but above average intelligence. Again they could not accommodate her ability to learn with her very different learning styles. They couldn't understand that while she needed help just being in the building, she could learn everything that they were teaching. At the end of 2nd grade, she couldn't do any math, couldn't read, didn't even know how to use a ruler. My third child is completely typical, no disabilities. She too is highly gifted, and was bored. Everything they were doing, she had already learned. She is sensitive as well, and did not like the way kids treat each other. My fourth child is very artistic, no disabilities. After kindergarten she hated school because while she was trying to learn about different art techniques (Renoit, Van Gogh, etc) her teacher was concerned about 'following orders' and 'coloring in the lines'. Well, okay, but how is paint by number really helpful in the long run? Being told to color the hair yellow and the shirt red and the pants brown is kind of boring, stupid and has no relevance in the real world. And I realized all of academia is like that, it's not until college, when you have CHOICE, that you learn anything useful. My fifth child is a boy, he is typical but tends to be hyper. He received speech at the school when he was four through early intervention, and I decided he needed to be homeschooled after I overheard the teacher and counselor discussing how once he started school they'd have to push for meds. He's a tactile learner, and they can't accommodate that, it messes up their curricula and schedule, so they want to put him on drugs. All five of the above reasons, intensified and became issues in the same two month period. it was very obviously a sign that it was time to homeschool. My six child, also a boy, is at home because the older kids are at home. My seventh, my baby is 22 months old....and we'll homeschool her too. Nothing to do with religion or culture, and in hindsight, I love how much time we have as a family now, how we can take vacations whenever we want. I love how we can have a busy day where everyone is learning something new, and we can have laid back days where we just hang out and talk. I love all their new friends...and how they can just be together without all the pressures of homework and popularity and drama.

Ainsley Ainsley
You aren't making your case clear. Is it better if an atheist home schools their kids? I'm sure some do. All home schooled kids have to follow state guidelines regarding the curriculum so they get as much (at the very least) education at home as publicly schooled kids do. Many home school families plan activities with other families, field trips, sports or other exercise so the kids do mingle. Home schooled kids are often on town sports teams, or dance classes, etc. There may be some ignorant people home schooling their kids,but the majority are devoted parents who want to give their child every advantage they can, as they see it.Regardless of religion.
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Toney Toney
is there a reason you want this discussion on education to be "regardless of where these kids score on scholastic aptitude tests" ? Turns out they're scoring high and gaining entrance into top universities. But don't let that stop you in your war against Creationists
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Rayner Rayner
I think Creationist parents are teaching their children that the world is a scary place and are teaching their children to be afraid and needy of religion. It is true the world is crazy these days but there still isn't any need to be afraid or to isolate ourselves from reality. My nephews went to Christian private schools and now, 30 years later HATE Christianity but still dwell on fear and superstition by being Wiccan/Pagan and going to those rituals instead of the Christian ones. My nephews wish they had gone to regular school and learned to deal with regular people. They made Straight "A"s in high level college prep classes but never had the self esteem or confidence to go to college or get good jobs. They were cloistered and over protected so much, they were and still are afraid of the world and can't function in it...and don't want to. The children of fearful and repressed parents usually act out their own inhibitions at some point in their lives. I don't think its good for the children's mental health or for their future place in society. They live with their head in a hole and find themselves afraid to come out. They are afraid to be themselves. I've seen children who grew up in ultra conservative, religious families who are well adjusted but these ultra conservative parents put their kids in Public Schools and taught them how to deal with real world issues effectively. It can be done but not by cloistering and over protection.
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Mattaniah Mattaniah
They are just teaching other stuff. However, they are not teaching the lie of evolution. Not all creationists are rednecks.
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Mattaniah Originally Answered: How do i ask my parents if they can homeschool me?
Here are some good tips for talking to your parents. Just give them some time to get used to the idea, give them some online school catalogs and even write them a letter, outlining why you think homeschooling would fit with your learning style. http://virtualonlineschool.blogspot.com/ Kaplan, K12 and Connections Academy all offer free online homeschool programs. Best of Luck! Jana http://www.purehomeschooling.com/

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