How do I get data off my old laptop hard drive?

How do I get data off my old laptop hard drive? Topic: External drive case sata
July 16, 2019 / By Darina
Question: My 2.5 year old ASUS laptop over heated a few months ago. The hard drive should be perfectly fine. Would I be able to fairly easy take it out (I've opened the back case before) and then just like attach it to my new laptop or an external hard drive using USB or something else?
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Bliss Bliss | 5 days ago
Yes, you can purchase a external USB case that accomodates laptop HDD. Just need to confirm interface. PATA or SATA
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Bliss Originally Answered: Recovering hard drive data through installation as s secondary hard drive on another computer?
Open computer management and check if the laptop disk is listed. If it is you may need to set a drive letter to be able to see the drive. Another possibility is that you have not connected power to both the SATA drive and the adapter. You can listen to the drive when you switch on the PC and you should be able to hear the drive spin up.

Airlia Airlia
The best way to get data off of an old laptop hdd is to put it into a new laptop, boot the system and transfer the files to an external HDD. After that is done just replace the HDD with the original.
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Tracey Tracey
If the HDD is fine then you can use something like this http://www.drivesolutions.com/cgi-bin/shop/bstore.cgi?command=listitems&kind=kit&pos=0&type=itemid&itemid=a8.1 and transfer your data off the HDD onto a new computer. I recommend getting a mac! Macs are more reliable and are great for people that need something to just work. its also great for people who deal with multimedia projects such as music managing, photo managing, web designing, etc. Last thing i gotta say macs are great for are college or students as they are reliable and do the job when you need a paper or work/school project done. http://apple.com/mac feel free to contact me via email if you need any help! [email protected]
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Red Red
I faced same overheating problem in my DELL inspiron 1525. Actually your 'thermistor' , which is on motherboard , is damaged. There are 2 or more thermistor on motherboard. You have to check the voltage through every one and have to replace one or more. I would suggest you to go to a laptop hardware repairing shop and get the thermistor changed. I have to pay $22 for this and now my laptop is working fine.
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Red Originally Answered: How to transfer data from old drive to new hard drive? (Computer geeks?)?
Does the enclosure require power? If so, you need to plug it in. Is there a power switch on the enclosure case? Make sure it is switched to the on position. If the enclosure came with a usb cable that has two usb connectors, you have to plug in both of them to different usb ports on your computer. Now, if you can get the enclosure to show up in Windows, it should be assigned a drive letter such as C, E or F, depending on the letters you already have assigned in your system. Are you trying to "clone" the old hard drive to the new? If so, you need to use a program such as Xxclone, which is free and simple to use. It copies all your files from the old drive to the new drive, and keeps your operating system intact including the master boot record, without which you will never be able to boot into Windows. If all you need to do is copy some files over, you can just drag them from the file window over to the new drive's icon in a separate file window.

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