Problem solving ideas for a experiment?

Problem solving ideas for a experiment? Topic: Critical thinking with problem solving
July 16, 2019 / By Damia
Question: I was currently assigned a team project in my critical thinking and problem solving class. It consist of acknowledging a simple yet common problem and solving it. We came with all sorts of ideas but it has to be a definitive solution. for instance how hot a car gets when your not in it. Was out number one choice until the teacher came and shot it down by saying you would have to create a model, market it and sell it, in order to be a solved problem. So we are back @ nothing. Does anyone have any common problems that might give my group ideas? The course if 8 weeks long so it has to be doable in 8 weeks.. Thanks I will discuss it with my peers. for instance a previous class chose recycling and how it must be implemented. what they did they went around campus and realized how there was no source of recycling so they printed out flyers and with the help of the school EVERY classroom was fitted with a plastic and paper contained to promote recycling.
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Bluebell Bluebell | 8 days ago
A common problem of mine is leaving lights on in rooms after i leave. It seems your teacher did not think this assignment through too well. If you have to create a model, market and sell it to be a solved problem then there are not to many simple common problems out there that don't already have a solution for them. Are you supposed to create a new product that does not exist to solve a simple problem? Good luck, the solution to my problem I guess would be installing motion sensors in each room that contrl the lights.
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Aislinn Aislinn
the respond is B. The quantum of sunshine is a particle and is for this reason localized... aka one factor... and can purely deposit the ability at a factor, whether the place that factor would be is randomly distributed in accordance to three possibility density function which has an intensity proportional to the intensity of the sunshine on the exhibit screen integrated over an prolonged term.
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Aislinn Originally Answered: Psychological experiment ideas?
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