Do you think she could like me already?

Do you think she could like me already? Topic: Do you like homework
July 16, 2019 / By Dandrane
Question: I mean saying it has been only the first week of school. I don't even know her name but we know each other by faces. All day in class I would look at her and she would just look back at me. I didn't look away because she isn't the kind of girl who is so pretty they intimidate you and make you look away. So basically all we did was make eye contact with each other the whole week. And then one time she said hey I saw you on the bus right? But I really don't know. But what does this mean, I saw her pointing at me with a friend, she was kind of smiling. So I want to get to know her and possibly date her, since it is the beggining of the school year, how can I make a clean slate and go for it by taking it slow? and not messing up. AND does she like me just yet
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Bobbie Bobbie | 1 day ago
She may be interested in you. Have you actually introduced yourself to her? That might be a great place to start. Since you have a class with her try to catch her in the hall as you are passing to your next class. Find out her other classes and make a comment about them. Do you have any of the same teachers or possibly some of the same friends. Start up a conversation about homework or an assigment you were given. Ask her if she's going to the next football game or other sporting event, or school play or pep rally or whatever and tell her you'll see her there or ask if you want to sit together. It's too hard to tell if she likes unless you actually talk to her. So work up the courage and just keep it simple. Good luck with her and the school year.
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Alanis Alanis
She might be interested in you. What you should do is maybe start talking to her a little bit and then once you two are comfortable enough talking, maybe take her out to the movies or somewhere where you two can hang out for a few hours or so together. Like you said though, take it slow. Make sure you really do get to know each other first before you say you like her.
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Travis Travis
You need to do more a then just look at her. Start a conversation with her. Say "Hi" and carry on from there. She's probably telling her friends that she likes you. don't drop the ball. Go for it. Good luck.
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Rees Rees
I don't know if you should "ask her out on a date" but maybe ask her to meet up with you out in public somewhere to "hang out". Sports are always a really fun way to get to know someone without alot of pressure...rollerblading, golf, or bowling.
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Maximilian Maximilian
she probly said that 2 u so she could start a conversation and she probly does like u and is telling all her friends
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