Americans, buying more pistols since the shooting in Arizona. It begs the question. why?

Americans, buying more pistols since the shooting in Arizona. It begs the question. why? Topic: Glock pistol case sale
July 16, 2019 / By Darcy
Question: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-01-11/glock-pistol-sales-surge-in-aftermath-of-shooting-of-arizona-s-giffords.html What's with Americans and this twisted obsession with owning guns? "It's our right to bear arms!" Do you really need 20 pistols to protect your family? Are you stocking up in order to take on the government? If that's the case have at it, I'm sure your pistol will take out an F-16 or a tank. I'm not even anti-2nd Amendment, nor am I pro-gun like it's our duty to be paranoid. It surely seems silly to run out and buy guns in fear of stricter guns laws. What do you think? @Heavy_Cavalry_Sgt- Yeah, I could see the logic to that. It's paranoid but at least it's just their first gun. Please don't get me wrong, I feel the anti-gun people can be just as paranoid too. It's paranoia that the problem.
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Best Answers: Americans, buying more pistols since the shooting in Arizona. It begs the question. why?

Brandie Brandie | 10 days ago
Generally because when something like this happens, it is politicized by the anti-gun crowd and someone starts talking about banning guns. This usually drives people who were considering buying a gun in the near future into buying sooner rather than later.
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Aleen Aleen
That always happens because there are always people out there who get others whipped up into a hysteria that they'll lose their gun rights. The reality is, they won't - guns are here to stay. But that doesn't stop those who would like to profit monetarily or politically by using fear tactics. As for guns being useful against the government, not all government operations involve F-16s or tanks. Far more citizen-contacts occur by pairs of agents, and if a subject is being harassed by them, the possibility that he has a gun can make them think twice. Of course, attempting to fight off even a single agent is near-suicide in the long run. But that's not the point.
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Triston Triston
Hey there, I am glad you are taking responsibility as a parent and be careful about this. For what he wants to do and the gun he is using, I would say he is 99.9% safe. That pistol only shoots at about ~250 fps, which, if you don't know, is quite low in airsoft compared to other guns out there. To be completely honest, airsoft guns don't ricochet in the way you would expect them to like real guns, especially right back at you. Because that gun is shooting so low even if it did ricochet and everything was just right, it would only bounce back a few feet probably not even that. As long as he is shooting at a target at least 10ft away, is wearing safety glasses (which he always should when shooting an airsoft gun) and you are with him, it is very very safe. Hope this is what you need.
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Reuben Reuben
I say because they are idiots and that there isn't a real explanation for all of this but they say more pistols and guns will make the world a safer place but they never think EXTREME like what if one of the Arizona victims or witness own a pistol and go crazy and kill people with the pistol that is supposedly used for making America a safer place....I can't really explain this right because I'm watching a movie at the same time called Oxford Murderers lol
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Mel Mel
I am so glad that you live in such a peaceful and serene place but not every country is so lucky. People in the U.S. need to prepare to take care of themselves. The government is only concerned with collecting taxes and keeping itself safe. When something like hurricane Katrina hits I am not going to be waiting around for FEMA to save me.
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Johnny Johnny
gun control keeps guns out of the hands of honest citizens. just like we have marijuana control, but it takes me ten minutes to score a bag. but seriously, even if guns were illegal, i'd have nothing to defend myself against a maniac breaking into my house with a gun he bought on the street.
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Hadad Hadad
If they ban guns in the USA, then the only ones left with them are the criminals and the government! Doink!!!
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Eade Eade
We seen and heard our police in action. Reminder we need to be ready to protect them from the bad guys.
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Buz Buz
resale ,when they ban them they will ban the manufacture and import of new ones ,they do not take exhisting ones from their owners. so they will appreciate greatly
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