Taurus girl being shut out by Scorpio man. What do I do? Please help?

Taurus girl being shut out by Scorpio man. What do I do? Please help? Topic: Cold calling for jobs letter
July 16, 2019 / By Darian
Question: Im a 21 year old taurus female and ive been in a serious relationship with my 27 year old scorpio boyfriend for 1 year and 4 months. We were very much in love, living together, have talked about getting married and our future constantly. But we started argueing over the smallest things all the time, bickering constantly. We've both been stressed since hurricane sandy, we lost our cars, i lost my job, etc. And i believe those stresses took a toll in our relationship because we were both on edge. Two weeks ago, we got into an arguement and he told me our relationship and the argueing was taking a toll on him, that he wasnt happy anymore and wanted space to think and i should go to my parents house for a few days. I panicked and told him things would change for the better, i didnt want to lose him, etc. And he changed his mind. Things were ok for a while but he was distant sometimes, hot and cold. Then we got into another arguement and he said he was serious this time, he wanted space and to go to my parents house for a few days. He said he loved me very much but he wanted time to think. I asked if he was leaving me and his initial reaction was no, then hesitantly he he said i dont know.. its been five days now and i havent heard a word from him accept one text saying "you can come get what you need. I wont be there.". I left a three page letter when i did go get some of my things, explaining how sorry i was, how much i love him and ill do whatever it takes to make this work, etc. I have stayed strong and have not texted or called him otherwise. This is killing me though, he has never shut me out like this for this long. What should i do? Is there any hope that hes not going to leave me? Should i continue to "give him space" or should i try talking to him? Ughh this scorpio man and his fire and ice ways are driving me insane! Please help! Above all, i dont want to lose him, i love him very much..
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Brandy Brandy | 1 day ago
Well that's scorpio guys for u! I'm a scorpio woman and I can totally see how he's acting. He's acting cold, distant, ignorant. I think hes just afraid to face the situation so he's closing himself off and just focusing all on himself. I think that u should talk 2 him and tell him that this is ridiculous! He can't keep u waiting like this, he should at least talk 2 u a little bit, mayb tell u what's on his mind. even if he feels confused, he should tell u. he's just up himself which again is common of a scorpio. but seriously, don't let him take advantage of u like that. tell him 2 give u an update on what he's thinking, that's all u need. if he doesn't respond then u should just forget about him. he doesn't love u enough if he doesn't respect ur feelings.
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i think that if you truely love her, your mom and everyone else's opinion shouldnt matter. and, maybe if you two get together, that will give your mom and her mom to eventually work out thier problems. you never know! just let fate happen!

Aleesha Aleesha
Scorpios and Taurus' aren't the worst combination, but they aren't the best. Scorpios will get around a LOT before they settle down and nothing will make them settle down sooner than they are ready. You are both fixed signs so that means you are both stubborn and that's why you argue. You are so down-to-earth that you can never understand this man deep down. He is the proverbial still water that runs deep and his secrets and dreams are even deeper.' I know it hurts now, but it would hurt worse if it was ten years and two kids down the road, right? He's a player and he might be done with you. Or he just needs a break every time he gets the urge to cheat. I'm sorry sweetie, I know you love him and your heart is breaking; but this guy will ALWAYS do this to you, one way or the other. Do yourself a favor and just let him go. I know Scorpio's and although they are fascinating, exciting and dynamite in bed; they are also egotistical, self-centered and notoriously unfaithful.
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Troy Troy
I'm not sure because both are suppose to be pretty uncompatible for scorpio but I know many taurus-scorpio and gemini-scorpio relationships. With Gem and Scorp I've only really seen friendship but the friendship is really strong and with taurus and scorp they are opposites but opposites can def attract....He may just choose you being that you probablly have some sensuality, loyalness and stability he would want....but with gemini they have someone with bright ideas thats like a teammate for them
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Reubhen Reubhen
Hello. Im a 28 years old scorpio man. I agree with liltopazmandy but I'm going to give you my point of view, based on my personality and experience in life (deaths and rebirths). The only way out I see for you is this: try to keep yourself stable, try to forget about him on a daily basis, make your way towards a new life. Sorry for being this apparently cold and blunt, but the only way I see that you're getting him again is to start again life like you'll never see him again. Learn what you did wrong, learn what he did wrong and try to make yourself a better person without him. Respect your feelings, your emotions and don't flutuate according to his emotions or wills until you feel strong again, with or without him. If he gets his **** together and think that your relationship is worthfull, you will be with him again, he will contact you for sure. But don't count on this. I assume that you're a wonderful person, with lots of pros and cons, just like him, If you do and feel what i'm telling you to do, you will be with a fantastic person by your side sooner than later, whether it's him or even someone "better", more compatible than him. Have faith. Have faith in yourself, be independent and look ahead, look above your problems, above him. Stop "smothering" him with manifestations of love, because even if he gets back this way, sooner or later he'll probably be leaving again, because he needs to feel by himself that he loves you not only for the good things you do to him, but also for the person you are without him. He must feel that he controls something that he can't ever control, cause a scorpio down in the end is uncontrollable no matter how He tries to control himself - emotions run deep, are well founded and are extremely intense and well-being of everyone will win in the end, no matter what it takes, even if he has to be alone and lonely again - he'd rather be sad by himself than with someone else. Ahh! and another thing - If you need time by yourself because you're feeling that you need him alot, no matter how intense is that feeling, tell him you need time for yourself now, to be by yourself, to heal the separation, to build yourself up again. It will hurt him real bad but it will also make him respect you even more and wait for you, if he really likes you. And remember, don't grind on past decisions, like "if I would have done this than he might..." - THAT'S CRAP, because you can't lose something that was already lost. Be sincere with yourself because no matter what happens, you're a extremely valuable and unique human being and you should be loved no matter what, specially by yourself.
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Melbourne Melbourne
dump him and find a capricorn, theyre supposed to be your best match, and will give you confidence, love, and security, and will treat you with respect.
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