In Texas who's last name do i have to give my unborn baby?

In Texas who's last name do i have to give my unborn baby? Topic: Baby hope case story
July 16, 2019 / By Darien
Question: Ok i have a little problem.. I am married to my 6 month old sons father but he is in prison and has been for over a year.. Well anyways i started messing around and now i am pregnant again (not my husbands child) I don't want to give this child mine and my husbands last name because it is not our child it is mine and my friend with benefits mans child and i want this baby to have his last name because i think it is the right thing to do a baby should alwas have the fathers last name... My husband wants me to give it our last name but i just cant do that because i think it is wrong... So in the state of texas do i have to give my baby my last name or can i give my baby the fathers last name without his permission? The father of the baby i am pregnant with wants me to get a abortion but i wont because i don't believe in MURDER OF A UNBORN CHILD and i never will... So that why i am asking do i have to have him sign the birth certificate in order for the baby to have his last name or can i just put his last name on it and file for child support??? I just told him that the test was positive so he is still in shock....Im 18 he is 21 and i think that when he calms down he will be ok with this but just incase he dont calm down i have to know.... This is a easy 10 points all you have to do is tell me what the law is in texas and can i give the baby his last name i tried looking it up but i cant find the answer so please someone help me
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Breana Breana | 2 days ago
WOW! You are a wreck! You want to give it the name of a person who wants to abort it? I hope you are a troll. In case you aren't, just use the name Smith! EDIT: You can give the baby any last name you want to. You can even make one up. But as far as putting the fathers name on the birth certificate and getting support - that is another story - that will involve DNA testing. But yes, you can give the child any last name you want.
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Alene Alene
your 18 with a 6 month old, pregnant again, your husbands in jail, and the father of this baby is a friend with benefits. Hmm well I would cool it with having babies for a bit, but I would give the baby your last name.
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Trueman Trueman
Hi sweetheart, I live in Texas too. My best bet is just give the baby your last name to be on the safe side. Besides its YOUR baby. Congrats and Good luck
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Trueman Originally Answered: Ethics question for CNA class, What are the rights of an unborn baby? i need some help plz?
It boils down to this . . . The unborn have rights *only* if the mother decides they do - as in she has decided to keep her pregnancy to term and have a baby. This is as it should be because only a woman can make the decision whether or not she is capable of -financially and emotionally ect- raising a child. Only she can judge how good of a mother she is likely to be. ~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion and I have a 8 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsSQiazUvgo

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