Naruto: who would win theses fights?

Naruto: who would win theses fights? Topic: thesis defence or defense
June 17, 2019 / By Darla
Question: itachi vs the real madara - akatsuki included taka vs sound village- sasuke and itachi vs pain- kabuto (snake cloak) vs orochimaru -kisame vs zabuza- 4th hokage vs 1st hokage- konan vs mizukage- sasori vs hidan- kakuzu vs itachi- akatsuki (without kisame and pain) vs 7 swordman - naruto vs raikage- sound five vs team taka- real madara vs tobi - danzo vs kakashi- pain vs kakashi guy asuma - kabuto (snake cloak) vs tobi i want reasons why
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Breann Breann | 3 days ago
1. Madara. Being able to beat the five Kage without any effort easily makes him the strongest character "alive". Right now he has unlimited chakra and an indestructible body. The only one who could defeat him would be the First Hokage and the Sage of Six Paths himself. 2. Akatsuki + Taka by far. The only shinobi from the Sound Village that are worth mentioning are Orochimaru and Kabuto. Those two are pretty strong, but they don't stand a chance against the whole Akatsuki. 3. Sasuke and Itachi. Itachi is roughly as strong as Pain, so if Sasuke was to help him, they'd win. 4. Kabuto. Kabuto copied Orochimaru's techniques and improved them. He was able to achieve what his master couldn't - learn the Snake Sage Mode. 5. Kisame. Many people underestimate him. How come nobody remembers that he defeated Killer B and would have chopped off his legs if the Raikage didn't interfere? Besides, Zabuza isn't that strong. Kakashi was able to beat him at the very beginning of the series. 6. First Hokage. As I already said, the First Hokage is in a league of his own, along with Madara and the Sage. 7. Mizukage. The Mizukage has two Kekkei Genkai and would have killed Sasuke at the Five Kage Summit. However, if Konan knew about the fight beforehand and set up the the trap she used on Tobi, she'd win. 8. Hidan? I'm not sure about this one. Sasori just doesn't seems to have anything that'd help him overcome Hidan's immortality. 9. Itachi. Really? Itachi would destroy him in a matter of seconds. Kakuzu has no technique that could pass through Susanoo, nor any defense to protect himself from Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi. 10. Akatsuki. Even without Kisame and Nagato, they still have Tobi and Itachi. Either of the two could solo all the swordmen by himself. 11. Naruto. The Raikage himself acknowledged that Naruto's speed s greater than his own, and that was even before he unlocked the full Tailed-Beast Mode. 12. Taka. The Sound Five aren't any match for post-timeskip Sasuke. Jirōbō, Kidōmaru, Tayuya and Sakon and Ukon were all beat by the Rookie Nine, even before they became chunnin. 13. Madara. I already explained that. 14. Kakashi. Even Izanagi wouldn't help Danzo against Kamui. When Pain invaded Konoha, he deemed Kakashi as such a threat that he personally went to kill him. 15. Nagato. Pain defeated Kakashi using just two of his bodies. If he used all six of them, they wouldn't stand a chance. 16. Tobi. Tobi has his space-time technique and six revived Jinchuriki as his Paths of Pain. Kabuto's Sage Mode wouldn't help him much.
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