What do you think of my scenario?have you heard such thing before?It s about the history of the mankind?

What do you think of my scenario?have you heard such thing before?It s about the history of the mankind? Topic: How to write a tragedy short story
June 17, 2019 / By Darleen
Question: 5 million years ago a group of spider monkey was eating the little fruits on the trees.Suddenly the the earth cracks and they get surrounded with magma.the trees start to burn and tehir leader knows that either they ll run to break the circle of fire or die there.They began to run where the fire seems less.screams and tears and only 2 of them made it.one girl monkey and one man.(fertilizer)The hair on their bodies were burned except the places they ve hidden with their hands.(Genital parts and the beard of the man)Their skin colour turned to red and pain was unsupportable.The manmonkey pulled the girl in to the river that was the only thing to do to ease the pain.and Whoorsshh! When they got out they tried to recognize themselves.İn the picture there was a manmonkey with a beard and girl monkey who just has hair in there(you know) They were the fist human on this planet.When their fist baby was born she unfortunately had no hair at all that the tragedy of her parents changed her DNA you all excited soo much but i wrote it as a scenario for a short movie.i was only born in 1975 how could i know Just a movie scenario .dont be too hard on yourselves i m from the same planet too. this is not an alien having fun of you.
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Best Answers: What do you think of my scenario?have you heard such thing before?It s about the history of the mankind?

Breanna Breanna | 4 days ago
That is called a Creation Myth. All primitive societies made up stories like that to try to explain where they came from. That was pretty good. Keep using your imagination.
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Among all countries in the world, India has inherited the largest number of ancient manuscripts from time immemorial. They were written on the widest range of subjects known to humans. India had many ancient Sanskrit texts on aeronautics. The Yantra Sarvaswa of Maharshi Bharadwaja, Vimaana Chandrika of Maharshi Narayan, Vyoma Yaana Tantra of Sounaka, and Vyoma Yaanarka of Dandi Natha are some of them. They contained topics like Maargadhi Karana (Navigation and control of speed during flight), Lohaadhi Karana (alloys used for various components of the aircraft) and Saktyaadhi Karana (production and usage of various fuels used in aircrafts). Para Sabda Grahakata is a subject of monitoring the flight tracks of aircrafts, navigatory communication system, and monitoring the conversation of the pilots in the aircrafts. Maharshi Gouthama mentioned 32 models of aircrafts used in Treta Yuga; only one model among them, called Pushpaka Vimaanam, became popular in the Ramayana. The Vaimaanika Sastra describes Tripura Vimaanam that uses solar powered engine to travel at three levels - on the land, under the surface of water, and in the air. Sakuna Vimaanam is a cross between an aircraft and a rocket - a space shuttle. The British have robbed most of our Sanskrit manuscripts during their rule in India. In 1895, Sivasankar Thalpad of Bombay had constructed an aircraft with an engine which flew to an altitude of 1500 feet. He was a Vedic scholar and used to teach at the J.J. School of Arts. He obtained the technology from some rare Sanskrit manuscripts. He also wrote a book in Marathi named Praacheena Vimaana Vidye Chaasodha. Lalaji Rayanji, Maharaja of Baroda, was one of the many witnesses who had seen the flying of that aircraft. Dr.Roberto Pinotti, an Italian scientist, presented a paper on 'Aeronautics in ancient India' at the World Space Conference conducted at Bangalore. He told the conference delegates that those aircrafts were similar to modern jet-propelled aeroplanes. He agreed that they represent the most complex and sophisticated designs. Some of them used radars and imaging technology instrumentation. Off late, Indians are trying to utilise the technologies given in the ancient Indian manuscripts. The Birla Science Center at Hyderabad has produced some alloys after studying some Hindu manuscripts like "Vimaana Sastra" and "Amsu Bodhini". The alloys possess some extra-ordinary properties which are unknown to the western countries. I am a retired professor of engineering. I am doing research on this topic for the last two decades. For more information, my email id is: [email protected]

Aletha Aletha
Changes in the outer appearance of a few members of a species in their lifetime does NOT change the genetic traits of their offspring. .
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Tubal-Cain Tubal-Cain
its absolutely impossible.. just because your hair gets burned off doesn't mean that your DNA is altered to never grow hair in those certain places again. although it's quite a compelling tale..
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Reynard Reynard
My friend, you are so funny. Try to participate more often to the Turkey section, we missed you man.
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You've used a reflexive sentence...an active one is always more appealing. The "there are" and "it is" constructions are intended when the subject of your sentence is something which cannot act, such as a gas station of mountains. One way of rewriting your sretence would be to use a there are beginning: "There are dark points in man's history. Men have not always been proud of the dark deeds that have plagued its progress". What I assert is that nonexistent nouns must never be said to "do an action". So here's a more radical change, to avoid this problem. And I use an extended comparison to make this possible. "Men have not always been proud of the history of human deeds. In fact, acts of evil have been as a dark plague afflicting the body of man's progress since the beginning of civilization.

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