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Help with Chinese homework? Topic: Chinese homework
July 16, 2019 / By Darnell
Question: How would you translate "Fifty altogether, I suppose" into Chinese (Mandarin). Would this make sense: 一共五十吧 Or would you have to put: 一共五十本吧 (the context is books but can this be left out seeing at the previous sentance already made it clear that the conversation was about books?) For some reason I'm finding this little sentance tricky. Thanks in advance for your help :)
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Breda Breda | 6 days ago
I think 一共五十本吧 is better. 一共五十吧 sounds more like 'fifty bucks altogether' even though a context where books are involved is provided. However, both 一共五十吧 and 一共五十本吧 should be translated as "Fifty altogether, I suppose?"(a question) instead of "Fifty altogether, I suppose." (an assertion). If you are to expression an assertion which you are not very sure of, I would say something like "总共应该是五十本". Hope that helps
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Breda Originally Answered: Help with Chinese homework?
我明天准备看电影。 Chinese always indicate the day as the subject first followed by a verb then object. As in “那天我不小心滑倒在地上” Na Tian Wo Bu Xiao Xin Hua Dao Zai Di Shang. I accidentally fall on to the floor that day. 那天 is the subject, 滑倒 is the verb and 地上 is the object. The pattern is SVO for short; which is somewhat similar to English. 2) 你待会儿准备跳舞吗? Ni Dai Hui-Er Zhun Bei Tiao Wu Ma? 3) 我会从这房子里搬出去。 Wo Hui Cong Zhe Fang Zi Li Ban Chu Qu. 4) 我讨厌那些广告! Wo Tao Yan Na Xie Guang Gao! Hope these help :)
Breda Originally Answered: Help with Chinese homework?
1. wo ming tian zhun bei kan dian ying = tomorrow i am preparing to watch a movie p.s. person below me is right this could also be ming tian wo zhun bei kan dian ying but my sentence is not incorrect whichever you prefer or wo zhun bei ming tian kan dian ying = i am preparing to watch a movie tomorrow 2. ni zhun bei tiao wu ma? 3. i yao zi ji zhu (this one is kind of bad it just means i'm going to live by myself, the only other way i can think of to say it is like i'm leaving this house and its like separating in a violent way) 4. i zui hen ne ge guang gao
Breda Originally Answered: Help with Chinese homework?
hmm..for #4, maybe u can say "wo tao yian ne ge guang gao" i'm not sure if i'm spelling pinyin right. in reply to Jenny's #1, i don't think you can start with "wo ming tian....." i think it sounds awkward, basically as if you were saying "i tomorrow...." unless you do "ming tian wo....."

Alex Alex
There is no "one" way to say anything in chinese, ever wondered why theres five different ways to say the same word in chinese??? What matters if people can understand it. But thats for you to decide.
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Alex Originally Answered: Chinese Homework Help?
我看过电影《活着》的宣传广告。 Wo Kan Guo Dian Ying De Xuan Chuan Guang Gao. 我想从这间屋子里搬出去。 Wo Xiang Cong Zhe Jian Fang Zi Li Ban Chu Qu. 为什么这间房子里会有厨房? Wei Shen Me Zhe Jian Fang Zi Li Hui You Chu Fang. Hope these help :) 不客气,举手之劳。
Alex Originally Answered: Chinese Homework Help?
1) I saw the advertisement for the movie " huo zhe". Wo3 kan4 guo4 "huo2 zhe4" de dian4 ying3 guang3 gao1. 我看过活着的电影广告。 2) I want to move out of this house. Wo3 yao3 ban1 chu1 zhe4 ge4 jia1. 我要搬出这个家。 3) Why is there kitchen in this house? Wei4 shen3 me zhe4 jian1 wu1 zhi3 hui4 you3 jian1 chu2 fang2 zai4 ci3? 为什么这间屋子会有间厨房在此?

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