Need ideas for decorating mason jars so you can't see inside?

Need ideas for decorating mason jars so you can't see inside? Topic: decorated writing paper
June 17, 2019 / By Daryl
Question: I am planning a trivia game for my daughter's birthday party with multiple choice answers, each written on top of a mason jar, and the correct jar has prizes or treats in it that you get if you pick the right answer and get to look in the jar. So, I need to decorate the jars in some creative way that makes them look pretty and fun for the party, but also completely hides what's inside. I could wrap the jars in paper, but that would only work on the straight-sided portion of the jars, leaving the curved top and bottom exposed, which won't work. So, any other ideas? Easy ideas are best, because I'm not a super crafty person and I don't have a lot of time left! Thanks!
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Best Answers: Need ideas for decorating mason jars so you can't see inside?

Breeda Breeda | 8 days ago
drop a tablespoon or two of paint (a color that won't allow one to see through it) inside the jar, rotate the paint around & around in the jar so it coats it. Let it dry...add additional coats if necessary. Or...you could paint the outside of the jars if that would be easier. make sure the paint is completely dry before attaching the lids. You could cut paper to size (circumferance of jar) and make it a cylander & put it on the inside of the jar instead of trying to attach it to the outside (maybe tape the paper to the inside of the jar?). that's about all I can think of without straining the ol' brain. good luck.
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Alexandra Alexandra
What about this, roll colored paper into a tube and slide it in the jar, cut to almost the top of the jar. That way you can change the color if you want or use the jar for canning later if you want. To cover the bottom before you slide the paper in cut a piece in the same shape a bit bigger than the tube and drop it in, the tube will hold it in place. No glue or tape required.
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Turlough Turlough
Go to your local hardware store and by a can of Rust-Oleum Frost ed Glass spray. It works great. Spray it on the outside and decorate how you want and you won't see in at all. http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGProduct.asp?pid=106
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