Can some body please help?

Can some body please help? Topic: Case studies on first impressions
July 20, 2019 / By Dawn
Question: my name is Allyson and i am an eighth grader. now i have this guy named daniel in my class. we both don't talk in class but this year, we both started messaging each other through our cell phones. just wishing each other festivals, occasions, etc... then one day i don't know from where he thought that i am trying to hit on him! when i assured him that there was nothing like that, he himself started hitting on me and when he felt that i was about to ask him why was he hitting on me, he started saying that he likes Amelia (one of my classmates) n started asking about her. at that time i thought that he was seriously interested in her... but some days later he again started hitting on me and in class, whenever his friends were not noticing, my friends caught him staring me... then while chatting, we became good friends and told each other only some of our secrets. there are three people in my life with whom i talk freely and to whom i can express my feelings without any hesitation. slowly, i realized that even he had joined the list and i told him about it while messaging last night. although he didnt messaged me after that, i thought of him all night and i just cant take my mind off him. i think that i've made a impression of a dumbo on him and i dont know how to mend it... he still stares me in the class and$ doesnt talks of Amelia at all (in the chats) but all i've been talking to my 3 best friends since last month is DANIEL!!! i dont know what it is and what is hapenning to me... can anybody help? he is frekin me out by staring at me i dnt hav a crush on him... that i hav on another of my classmate, danny
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Brett Brett | 1 day ago
Take a breath and SLOW DOWN! You like him, he's not sure how he feels - all he knows is that he likes/liked talking to you. I'm guessing that your little confession about being able to talk freely to him scared him - he wasn't ready to hear that. So, now, you need to back off. If he talks to you or contacts you, write/talk with him, but do not initiate contact with him. You want him to come to you! Try to get your mind back on your studies and don't talk about him to your friends anymore. If you and this boy are meant to be, it'll happen. If not, you are learning important stuff about self-control when the situation is not what you like it to be. This is a VERY important lesson. Liking a boy is a lot like fishing. You present the 'bait' (you), and hope they are interested. If you chase them, they ignore you, make fun of you, or use you. In any case, they DO NOT respect a girl who chases them. ALSO - We girls don't dress extra sexy or anything to catch them either, just in a normal 'well put together' way. Then if they like us as we normally are, we know they truly like us and not what we show or wear. You'll do fine if you slow down and back off and relax.
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Alexina Alexina
sometimes simple relationships get into difficult sittuations darling. I think this boy,Daniel doesn`t know if he really likes you or not(and i think he doesn`t really likes you.He just wants to spend his time with you and if he finds someone else he will leave you.but i hope I`m wrong) you may think that you`re fallen for him but it will pass. It`s not a deep feeling.just because you like talking to him does`nt mean anything. So I think you`d better try to find some hobbies for yourself so that you avoid messaging and chatting him.Ask your frinds not to talk to you about him.then after two month or later you will be able to know how you really feel about him.wish you luck
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Tye Tye
Do you have any tattoos? no longer criminal yet in that case, the place and what of?---- Do you have any scars?convinced From what and the place?MY CEILING CAVED IN N SLICED MY LEG (BR00TAL NO?) Do you have any bruises or therapeutic cuts everywhere on your physique at this 2nd? NOPE Do you paintings out? NOPE Are you skinny, athletic, curvy or uncomplicated? uncomplicated Do you like your physique? NOPE what's your fashionable section of your physique? MY ELBOWS What section of your physique might you modify? MY nostril
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Ricki Ricki
he is jes teasing with u. None of u have a crush on each other. Its normal that u get close to ppl u chat with.
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Merlin Merlin
I think he's trying to test, to see if you get jealous of girls he "likes", to see if you like him, coz guys are weird like that :P Like they'll make little comments to see if you get jealous to test how you feel about them XD And I think you have a bit of a crush on him :)
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Merlin Originally Answered: Will my body be okay?
I take singular too :) I think you should get a blood test to see how your internal organs are functioning. I am no professional so I cannot say if the problems are related. Best visit your GP. Although I am sure that you will be fine and any problems you are experiencing are probably not related to your overdose. But, as I said before, see your GP to discuss any worries you have. Hope all goes well :)

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