How do I get my car title back from my dad that has both our names on it and was payed for entirely by me?

How do I get my car title back from my dad that has both our names on it and was payed for entirely by me? Topic: An alcoholic case story
May 26, 2019 / By Deana
Question: So I've had a falling out with my dad because his current girlfriend doesn't like me and I refuse to apologize to her for something that I didn't do. I wont go into the drama of it but long story short he's an alcoholic/narcissist and she's manipulative. Getting my car title is the last thing I need to do in order to severe the ties from my toxic relationship with him. He's just not giving me it. Originally when I bought the car we put his name on it too in case I died or something so that it would go to him. BOTH of our names are on the title and I payed every single penny for it. He did not pay for it at all nor did I ever borrow money from him to make payments. The car is payed off entirely and now he's refusing to give me the title. What can I do? I have all of the paperwork from the car dealership when I bought it AND the loan was in my banking account so I have proof that I payed for it. Should I call a cop and have them show up with me to retrieve it? Could I legally do that? I seriously am tired of him playing childish games and I want more than anything to move on with my life and not have him try and manipulate me with my car title.
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Best Answers: How do I get my car title back from my dad that has both our names on it and was payed for entirely by me?

Bridget Bridget | 4 days ago
Entidtil is correct. It will complete depend on how the names are listed, as in AND, OR, or simply both names. If the names are listed as AND, or just the two names without a qualifier, you would have to have permission from dad to transfer title. However, if the names are listed with an OR you have as much power has he does as far as ownership. If this is the case you can transfer the title solely in your name without permission for your dad. If the situation is indeed AND your only recourse would be to take him to small claims court. If you do have to do this the judge would most like grant you full ownership.
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Alfreda Alfreda
My empathy, sounds like a bad situation. Based on your comments, you don't say your age, but I think when you first set this deal up he had this day in mind and knew he would be an owner of an asset he did not pay for or have any moral right to. Evidenced by the fact, you don't say your age, but putting a car in some other person's name in case they die makes no sense. And in fact he found some bogus reason not to give you the title. That was the plan. So knowing this is key. It is not about the squabble you mentioned. We have had sick relatives who were terminally ill, we did not change any car titles, just made sure they had a valid will. Just sit tight for a bit and DO NOT mention it for a few weeks. Do not give him any info on this topic. You have the car, you can get registration, etc. Is your state a notary state? Meaning the title has to be notarized by the owner/s to be sold/transferred. If so that gives you some protection. I am concerned he will try to sell the car, or get a title loan. Meet with an attorney to find out if you have any rights here. It may be a case of moral rights, but no legal ground remove a person from a title regardless of any verbal agreements or who paid what. When you get a new address, change your driver's license address, then go to DMV and say you need a replacement title and this is your new address. You need to check on the details for your state, some places they require both parties to request a new title, in some places they send a letter to the DMV address of the other person, in some places they issue a new title and say not our business how you two manage this. That would be best situation. As for the title, signing, you will need some leverage to get him to sign it over, maybe he will just take some money for it? Hope it works out. a>
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Ridley Ridley
It depends on the wording on the cars title. If your names are listed with the word "OR" separating your names then you don't need the present title because you can get a duplicate title from your DMV and change the title to read only you as the owner. If the names are separated with the word ":AND" then both signatures are required and one person cannot act without the signature of the other person. As you probably know, It doesn't matter legally who took out the loan for the car, who paid for the car. All that matters is how the owner(s) are listed on the title
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