A neighbor hangs rags in car outside mirrors,why?

A neighbor hangs rags in car outside mirrors,why? Topic: Case saver
July 20, 2019 / By Deanne
Question: there is neighbor that hangs rags in the car outside mirrors while sitting on the driveway,whats is that all about?i mean i though he might want to keep mirrors from fogging up but im like he might as well go everyday and wipe them if thats the case since he gotta go get the rags out before start driving,and such a thing about remembering to hang the rags to prevent fogging seems like a little too much for such...,anyone have any idea why would someone do that?
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Brielle Brielle | 6 days ago
E.R. go talk to the guy you may find out that it's a time saver or he may have problems with his eye sight and not see to well and need the security of knowing what is around and about as he drives. Is there a second driver for this car and if so they may need to adjust for there own sight and if the mirrors freeze up the electrical motors may not work so well.
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Alia Alia
Do you have a lot of birds where you live? At my mother in laws house she has a lot of birds, and the little bastards will land on the cars outside mirrors and look at them selves in the mirror and peck at it and eventually crap all over it. So your neighbor might be trying to keep birds off them. For a definite answer I'd just ask your neighbor why.
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Tyron Tyron
If it's freezing out it prevents the mirror from getting covered with ice which can be a lot more difficult to remove than fog.
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Rigby Rigby
it keeps the mirrors nice and clear,instead of frosted and icy.you can also park under an awning and that will help unless it just gets downright cold.
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