Canon Rebel XS or Sony HX1?

Canon Rebel XS or Sony HX1? Topic: Digital camera case sony
July 20, 2019 / By Debbi
Question: hello, please I need to know which of the following have the best quality picture? Canon Rebel XS or Sony HX1 ? I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
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Briony Briony | 8 days ago
There is no comparison. The digital SLR (in most cases) will always win. It can do so much that the point and shoot camera. You can put as many features as you want on a point and shoot, but it's still a point and shoot, and a digital SLR is better than that. The Rebel will give you the best quality.
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Briony Originally Answered: Canon eos rebel xsi or nikon d60 dSLR?
Rather than just those two, llok at some other brands. Olympus, Sigma, Pentax and Sony all make great quality DSLRs that typically offer more features for less than money than Nikon and Canon. Some things to keep in mind is that the D60 does not have live view, which many people look for and expect, and it doesn't have an auto focus motor, so you have to buy more expensive auto focus lenses if you want auto focus. Also, Olympus and Sony put the image stabilization in the camera, so it works with any lens you attach. With Canon and Nikon, you need to buy more expensive lenses to get that feature as well. In any case, the Rebel XSI would be a better choice than the D60 in my opinion.

Alica Alica
I agree with both Hipp5 and Jim A that the Canon XS is the choice to make. Actually Jim and I have basically spent most of our time endorsing the Canon XS and for very good reasons. I would recommend that you get a Canon XS DSLR.It is a( Digitial Single Lens Reflex ) camera and sales for $549.00 up to $599.00. After you become proficient in using it, you can slowly add different lens to obtain full use of the camera. Most low cost point and shoot cameras do not offer the option of taking pictures in B&W. You would have to convert those color pictures with the software provided with the camera. However, with the Canon you can set it to take B&W pictures. I used a 300mm lens on my Canon and obtained some very awesome pictures of the moon. Picture quality is great and the craters are in great detail. Canon has been my only choice in photography due to the quality of taking pictures with those cameras. The only real filters you should invest in will be (1) UV (ultra violet) filter (primarly to protect the lens. (2) Polarizer filter (to take pictures through glass and aquariums (keeps glass from glaring). Take a look at the pictures I took with the XS on the following link. I added the settings I used when I took the photo's. Good luck.
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Tyrrell Tyrrell
The Canon XS is a DSLR, the Sony HX1 is a high-end point-and-shoot. The XS has the ability to change lenses, turns on almost instantly, takes the photo almost instantly, and has a much larger sensor (less digital noise). All else being equal, I'd take the XS.
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Rikki Rikki
sony hx1s image quality may not be the best,but its still really really good for its class.the canon rebel xs also takes excellent pictures but its getting old.here are some sony hx1s pictures.check out every page.here is a complete review for the sony hx1. www.http://www.stevehuffphotos.com/Steve_Huff_Photos/THE_SONY_HX1_REVIEW_PAGE_1.html well,good luck!!
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Mervin Mervin
I own an XS and agree with hipp5 - it's an excellent camera. Take a look and the kinds of photos I'm getting with my XS, perhaps it'll help you decide. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimsphotost...
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Mervin Originally Answered: Canon EOS Rebel XTi - right choice at right price?
Just about any zoom will do outside in daylight. When you shoot in a gym it's a different story -- lighting is generally poor. Your flash won't reach 40 to 60 yards so you'll have to crank up the ISO (luckily the XTi will go to 1600 fairly happily). You may find the f5.6 aperture of the 75-300 at full zoom will not give you the necessary shutter speed to stop motion. I'd try to get closer and use flash (if allowed) or find a faster lens. Hope this helps.

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