Help! I am thinking about my wedding invitation and not sure how to word them.?

Help! I am thinking about my wedding invitation and not sure how to word them.? Topic: How to write a wedding invitation
July 20, 2019 / By Debby
Question: I am in the process of thinking about how to write out my wedding invitations and not sure how to write them out. My fiance and I are paying ofr most of the wedding but my parents are paying for the reception. How would I word the invites?
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Best Answers: Help! I am thinking about my wedding invitation and not sure how to word them.?

Britney Britney | 10 days ago
You should word it like Jane Marie Doe and John Allen Doe along with their parents............(names) invite you to attend.....I have seen hundreds of invites but I found that rule a long time back. It will still look okay. Hope this helps!
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Britney Originally Answered: How do you indicate 'plus one' on a wedding invitation?
You don't. Miss Manners tells us that And Guest is invited if and only if someone is NAMED And Guest. Invite every guest by name, even tiny infants. If you don't know a name, find out. If you're not sure whether someone is a single or is half of a couple, ask. Obviously you or some other host cares enough about this someone to want them at the wedding, so you or that other host certainly know this someone well enough to ask "Is there someone special we should be inviting for you? Let me copy down the full name and address so we can send him/her an invitation." It is important to invite every guest by name because the only way to make it clear who is NOT invited is by making it perfectly clear who IS invited. Encouraging your guests to invite guests of their own and entertain those guests at your expense is a very bad idea where free champagne is concerned. Single adults who can't manage a simple happy event like a wedding on their own don't deserve to have a social life.

Alicia Alicia
Congratulations! I just got married 4 months ago and went though something similar. I was very picky about my wording because of my detailed involvement. I went to a stationary store and looked through the books and wrote down what i liked(i also searched through invites online) I discussed them with my fiancee and then decided. we decided to annonunce us as male and female invite you to share instead of the parents inviting. i think you should do the same. the reception is a major part but there are many more pasrts that you are taking care of. I included a heartfely thankyou to the parents on my program and that seemed to go over very well. hope i helped. good luck
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Uel Uel
Example; Because you have shared in their lives by your friendship and love you are invited to share with our daughter, Jennifer Cathryn and Jason Fredrick Capp when they exchange marriage vows and begin their new life together on Saturday, the fourth of August Two thousand and one at four o'clock in the afternoon St. Paul's Church 10 West Oak Street Springfield, Illinois Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hughes The link below has other examples that may help you. Congrats on the wedding, may all your dreams come true!!
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Rimmon Rimmon
Same as a standard invite. Nobody needs to know who's paying for what. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson cordially invite you to the wedding of.. Jane Smith and John Johnson Blah blah blah. Reception to follow.
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Meryl Meryl
My husband and I paid for most of the wedding ourselves too. However, we went with a more traditonal version of the invitation because my folks did help too and it was important to me (as a Christian) that my father (or the priest of my home at the time) gave me away to my husband (who became the priest of my new home). This is what my invitations said. Our daughter, Mandy Marie, will be married to Archie Paul Martin on Saturday, the eighth of July, two thousand and six at two o’clock in the afternoon. Their vows will be spoken at The Rock Church, Seagoville, Texas. We invite you to worship with us, witness their vows and be our guest at the dessert buffet reception which follows in the Church Gymnasium. If you are unable to attend, we ask your presence in thought and prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giles
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Joseph Joseph
My fiancee and I are in the same situation. We went to the websites of a bunch of invitation companies, they have a lot of great suggestions. Congratulations on your up-coming wedding!
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Haniel Haniel
The reception is the biggest nut to pay for. Mr & Mrs so n so along with U & HIM request the honor of your presence blah blah blah lol
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Edson Edson
Jess and (fiance), together with their parents invite you to join them in celebrating their marriage
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Camp Camp
together with their parents, you and your fiance request the honor of your presence at their marriage time, date loaction city, state
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Camp Originally Answered: Wedding Invitation.?
Actually, the invitation paper/quality/packaging contributes just as much to the feeling of formality as the wording. (Which is not to say that the DIY invitations are any less "formal" than the ordered ones. Just pick the right paper...) My invites said: Mr and Mrs Jonathan Robert Doe request the honour (yes, with the "u") of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Miss Jane Marie to Mr Matthew James son of Mr and Mrs Michael Ryan Smith on the second of June two thousand eight at five thirty in the evening at Saint Joseph Church Broadway City, State then a reception card: Reception immediately following at The Name of the Venue Kindly respond by _______ M_______________________ __Will attend ___Will not attend

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