Can I get my grade from an f to a "c" in about 5 weeks?

Can I get my grade from an f to a "c" in about 5 weeks? Topic: Grading homework in-class math
July 20, 2019 / By Deborah
Question: I have an "F" in geometry, partly because I'm not good at math, secondly because I have a really short attention span in math class, 3rd I'm slacking off and not turning in homework consistently. I never get f's I freak out when I get c's I just don't know what happened this freshman year...but I'm going to try to get it up as much as I can anyway, but I was just wondering if there's a chance I can get it up to a c by the end of the second semester? I have a 42%
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Britta Britta | 2 days ago
1. You NEED to do your homework neatly to get full points. 2. If you can do extra credit work DO IT! 3. Make sure any work you do in class is always done 4. If you have any tests STUDY! I know no one wants to study but test are big grade boosters!
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Britta Originally Answered: Can I raise my grade from an F to at least C in 2 weeks?
you are able to merely learn. in case you have upcoming assessments, what you're able to do in the previous it quite is learn. additionally, do no longer turn in late, lacking, or uncompleted assignments. in case you do, you have got a decrease grade. you're asking, how do you comprehend? You did no longer even improve your grades in weeks? properly, wager returned...In below one or 2 weeks (perhaps 3), I used to have a D in my math type. and additionally, I used to have a C in technology. My math instructor theory i became into going to "fail" her type, yet now I have been given a C by examining, and a B in technology by turning (and ending) my assignments. using myself, I now have been given good grades :)

Alis Alis
I supply the vast apple Yankees a B controlled to chop up series with Detroit after dropping the 1st 2 video games and took 2 out of three against the Blue Jays. the clarification why I gave them one in all those extreme grade for going 4-3 is using the fact for as quickly as i actually observed some snatch hitting from them, quite of all and sundry attempting to hit abode runs I observed some valid, 2 out rbis from only approximately all and sundry on the team! i do no longer understand if it somewhat is only because of the fact A-rod isn't interior the lineup or in the event that they're heating up inspite of the undeniable fact that it felt fresh to ultimately see some snatch hits from a team that could no longer do something with runners in scoring place. Pitching ought to've been so a lot greater useful inspite of the undeniable fact that, extraordinarily Nova and Hughes.
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Alis Originally Answered: 11 weeks or 7 weeks pregnant confused?
Congrats! I'd say that since you had a normal period on May 25th I would go with that as your LMP. It just depends on how normal your cycles are too. Do you have any idea of when you ovulated or may have? At this point just tell them you had an abnormal period on 6-23 (though you may want to go more in depth) Was it lighter? Didn't last as long? What was abnormal about it? It could have been implantation bleeding... I guess I would need more info. Implantation bleeding is usually pink or light brown, not enough to fill a tampon or pad. In rare cases it can be red and more like period bleeding (like my mother). I didn't have any with our first then with the last one I just had a little pink blip on my undies. I have a friend though that had spotting all throughout her pregnancy. I had an early miscarriage between my kids. When I got my positive after taking a month off, they wanted to make sure I had a viable pregnancy. Even though I was pretty sure when I ovulated which was CD21 they insisted going by my LMP. Which put me at about 8 weeks. I have longer cycles ranging 32-38 days and had been charting on fertilityfriend.com. My original due date was July 4th, 2009 and then after the scan and follow up scan it was determined to be July 8th. Since it was only a week different the hospital didn't even change the date. That actually worked out well for me since I had to go in for an induction anyway lol. I got in sooner since their records showed my original date. So I only had to wait 4 days over instead of a week or more. I had her July 12th. All in all you can go by the first date to to make you feel better to have some idea. Keep in mind it may change anyway after your scan and the gestational age is determined. It would be cool though to go in and find that you were further along than you thought:) Thats always a nice surprise. I guess one thing you could do too is decide about your symptoms. There are some things that happen toward your 11th week. For instance, your morning sickness may start to ease a bit in week 11 and on. You may not be as constipated. Whereas, if you were in week 7 you may have really sore breasts still. But its almost impossible to figure it out until you go in for a scan and they do the measurements. Thankfully you get to do that soon so you won't have to wonder too much longer:) Again, congrats! Best of luck and blessings :)
Alis Originally Answered: 11 weeks or 7 weeks pregnant confused?
Unfortunately only the ultrasound can tell for sure; it could be that you had implantation bleeding on June 23rd but it could also have been a 'different' period and still be totally normal. It was probably implantation bleeding if: * It was brown or light pink in color * It was really light, more like spotting, and didn't require the use of a pad or tampon, just a light day liner throughout the whole time you were spotting * The spotting only lasted 1-3 days at most * It was a few days to a week prior to the date your period was originally due, although it isn't unheard of for it to happen the day of or a couple of days at most after your period was due Hope this helps, good luck at your doctor's appointment and congratulations!

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