Help with Scarlet Letter essay? (AP English)?

Help with Scarlet Letter essay? (AP English)? Topic: Different writing essay types
July 20, 2019 / By Deirdre
Question: I have an in-class-essay sometime next week on the Scarlet Letter. We were given the prompt: Discuss how Hawthorne uses rhetoric and imagery to comment on Hester Prynne's place among the Puritans of Boston. My teacher hasn't taught us how to write a rhetorical analysis, and we haven't really discussed Hester Prynne's "place in society" either. So help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Bronte Bronte | 9 days ago
The book is different from the movies I know, but maybe watch the older movie version and the newer t get an idea, and then maybe look in a search engine and type in scarlet letter essays and maybe there are some websites that could help with your idea. Like this site: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/scarlet/st...
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Bronte Originally Answered: The essay is about The Scarlet Letter?
Get off the damn computer, read the damn book and write the damn essay when you have completed that, damn it.
Bronte Originally Answered: The essay is about The Scarlet Letter?
i did mine on hester a few months ago! it tooke me like an hour.. just do it and spark note.. and youll get a good grade..just talk about her bravery, and acceptance of her punishment
Bronte Originally Answered: The essay is about The Scarlet Letter?
Do Dimmesdale. Compare him to Angel from Tess of the D'urbervilles. Talk about how women got all of the slap back then. Complain about his apathy. Criticize the author's redemption of Dimmesdale at the end. What any raging feminist would surely do. Or you can talk about how much of a phony sadsack whoore Hester is.

Alissa Alissa
“continual regret, as each and every of the moralists are agreed, is a maximum undesirable sentiment. once you've behaved badly, repent, make what amends you could and address your self to the interest of behaving more effective next time. never brood over your wrongdoing. Rolling interior the muck isn't the most suitable way of having sparkling.” Guilt is an emotion that's dreaded, hated, actually not wanted, yet is an totally significant human mechanism for moral preparation. A double edged sword, in case you'll. Aldous Huxley’s statement ascertains the semi-misguided assumption that guilt is something that one could not experience for a protracted era of time; “never brood over your wrongdoing.” Guilt, despite the undeniable fact that, serves as a reminder of sinful deeds so as that we not dedicate them a 2d time; with out which, the international might want to be an section, teeming with sin. at the same time, severe continual guilt must be prevented in any respect expenses because it creates unnecessary pressure and discomfort for the sufferer. by using my own studies and through my interpreting of “The Scarlet Letter,” I particularly have, myself, come to conclusions with reference to the advantages and pitfalls of guilt. I edited your first paragraph... female, you want to apply your grammar and your huge words. haha
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Alissa Originally Answered: Scarlet letter essay help please?
For the first body paragraph you could write about how at the scaffold at the begging of the book, Hester was forced to be a laughing stock by the whole town by being put up on the scaffold with her newborn baby. You need to support this with a quote and you could use the one where the women were talking badly about Hester and telling her that she needed to be branded on her forhead and killed. For the middle body paragraph, you could talk about how shame can force people to do things. Talk about how people care so much about what others think that they will do everything in their power to try to not be shamed into anytyhing. Use a quote from some scholarly place or person, and explain it throughly. For your last body paragraph talk about how Hester then was ashamed about what Boston thought (use what you said in the previous paragraph to tie it together) so she snuck around to see Dimmsedale instead of being open and honest about it, because of what she feared people would think. Hope i helped!(: Let me know if you need more help!

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