How to tell how large a word document is?

How to tell how large a word document is? Topic: How to write a reference page
May 26, 2019 / By Deja
Question: I had to make a timeline in microsoft word for a psychology class, and I can't upload it to my teacher's site, or to an e-mail because it's too big. It's two and a half pages, has like, five or six pictures on it, and is made from text boxes. My e-mail says that it can't be more than 25MB, but I don't know how big it is, or how to make it smaller, unless I sent her one page at a time? Is there any way I can make the document smaller without changing much on my timeline, and without trying to figure out how to save each page individually?
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Brook Brook | 10 days ago
To figure out how large the actually document is, just right click on the document file and select Properties. That will tell you how big the file is. Now the photos and reducing the size of the document part is a little more tricky. If you took the photos with a digital camera or got some high resolution photos from another source (meaning they are absolute HUGE) and DID NOT reduce the size of the photos before inserting them into your Word document (meaning you used the resize tool in Word rather than a photo editor), that is why your file will not send and is most likely massive because Word does not actually reduce the size of the image that you inserted. It continues to reference the same image, but when you resize it, it creates a different version of that reference and keeps the same file size. If that makes sense... Either way, this is how you fix it: If you are using Word 2007 (2003 is a little different, but similar), right click on the picture and select Size. It will show you what dimensions you have for the photo. Write this down or remember the dimensions. For 2003, I believe you right click and go to Format Picture and there will be a Size tab you can go to. If you have Adobe Photoshop available, open the image you just worked with in Word (got the dimensions of) in Photoshop. Hold down the Ctrl key and hit I (Apple+I for Mac). This will bring up a window that will allow you to change the dimensions of your photo. Insert the dimensions Word gave you. Hit Enter. Go to the File menu, Save As, and save as a different name than the original photo name. If you DON'T have Photoshop, you can use MS Paint. You can get there by going to Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint. Once the program is open, go to the File menu and select Open. Find your photo/image file. Once the image is open, go to your Image menu, select Resize/Skew. Unfortunately Paint sucks, so you will have to play with the resize part in terms of percentages to bring it down to the size you want. Just remember to bring the size down evenly (so if you bring the horizontal down to 80%, you want to bring the vertical down to 80%. Once you have it the size you like, go to the File menu and Save As a new file name. Now take the newly resized file and insert that into your Word document and delete the old one. Do this for all your photos. It should do the trick. You might want to save a copy of your Word document before you do all this so that in case you screw up, you have the original copy. Hopefully that novel was helpful. Good luck! - Bruno
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Alisya Alisya
For a professional printing project, I'm not sure Word is the best solution. I would look at Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher.
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Uri Uri
go to my documents goto the word file you save right click and go to my properites that will tell you how big it is you can try to compress it and send it with winzip or winrar the pictures are what taking up a lot of space you may need to make them smaller or go to http://www.megaupload.com/ and you can send it to her that way as well
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Robin Robin
compress it go to where your document is File>Send To> Compressed Zipped folder that will reduce the size or go to your file select it File>Properties
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Microsoft Word thought you wanted to add a border to that paragraph, so it did so for you. 1.On the Home tab of the Ribbon, click the ¶ button to display paragraph marks (¶s). 2.Click in the paragraph above the solid line. 3.In the Home/Paragraph section of the Ribbon, click the Borders and Shading list box button and select No Border. That should do it.

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