Research paper topics?

Research paper topics? Topic: Citing sources for a research paper
May 26, 2019 / By Delila
Question: Ok so i just started doing part time homeschool this year and i am going to do a research paper and i get to choose my own topic. so i would like to do something that has to do with horses. i am only in junior high so it only has to be two pages for the paper, like the information and then i have to cite my sources. please give me some ideas on topics and then some good sources. Thanks!!
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Bryony Bryony | 6 days ago
I would discuss the impact of horses on society. The amish still use them for transportation. others gamble on them. Others ride them for show. Cops use them in certain areas. You can discuss the impact they have on people lives. many sources can be found on any one of these topics. GOOD LUCK!
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Bryony Originally Answered: Research Paper? Can anyone give me some topics for a research paper?
I think a good topic that you could write about would be the shortcomings of George Bush, and how Obama plans to fix these things. I think this topic would be something good to write about now that all of the Bush administration's illegal activities are being brought to the public.

Allene Allene
I don't have any suggestions about your topic on horses, but I do think it's a great idea for you in your new life in homeschooling, because it interests you! That's really important! If you and your parents would like to read an article on how to organize and schedule the parts of a research paper, please read my article "Pulling Off the High SchoolResearch Paper": http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2096477/pulling_off_the_high_school_research.html?cat=25 Even though it says "High School," every bit of the info applies to you! Go for it!
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Uthai Uthai
Why not do horse foot care or a specific type of care for horses. I say foot care because then you can talk about the types of shoes and the metal they use if you need to add length.
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Rodge Rodge
rearing a horse? history of horses and people? effect horses have had on society? training a horse?
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Rodge Originally Answered: Research paper topics?
For my college history class we had to do an 8-10 research paper as well. I did mine on the Holocaust. It was a really easy topic to do because we had already learned about it in class and I had prior knowledge about it. I was able to find tons of information about it online and the library had a nice selection of books to use as resources as well. I talked about a wide range of things, including Hitler's rise to power, the actual camps, the type of gas they used, the liberation, and I included the stories of a few survivors. Other topics that people in my class wrote about was: - the history of the mafia - the history of chocolate - the history of the Beatles - the history of birth control and condoms - the history of midwifes and nurses

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