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May 26, 2019 / By Delinda
Question: I think this poem will get you thinking. It's written by Danielle Rosenblatt: Once I was a flower, But now I'm just a stem. I didn't like my petals so I did away with them. I thought my colors ugly, So I threw them all away. Wanted orange, red, and purple. Didn't like my shades of gray. To look like other flowers was all I really wanted, Like all the other roses who were never teased and taunted. Like the child who's picked last for elementary school athletics, I thought that I was worthless and I blamed it on genetics. I wanted to be chosen for a beautiful bouquet, But I knew no one would want me for my ugly color gray. So I tore petals out and I threw them to the ground, With the wind they blew away and were never to be found. Now I stand here naked with all my petals gone for good, And I wish that long ago I would have only understood That looks can be deceiving and that gray is not so bad. Now I know that I possessed more than I thought I had.
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Bunny Bunny | 8 days ago
wow, just a wonderful, poem, makes you take a good luck at yourself, i think it hits alot of teens and how they look at there selfs, and how they feel others look at them.... great, just a very great poem,, thanks alot... :))))))))))
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Alline Alline
that is deep i dont feel like that b/c i dont get taunted i am the one that kinda taunts but after reading that i think ill stop
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