Heavy marijuana usage = brain to speech delay?

Heavy marijuana usage = brain to speech delay? Topic: College paper structure
May 26, 2019 / By Delora
Question: I was once very articulate in both my writing and my speech, but both have taken a complete nosedive in the last 4 years. I started reading at a very early age and am still a big reader. As a kid, I always aced spelling quizzes, written work, etc. But I digress... I can clearly structure my writing well, but it takes me at least 30 minutes to pose a question on YA!, much less put together any other sort of written work. It is my speech, though, that I'm most concerned about. The sentences that come out of my mouth are forced (it's as if my brain jams up and I can't put what I'm thinking into words), and I often stammer. I don't sound very intelligent when I talk, although I clearly am. I'm trying to figure out if marijuana usage could be the possible culprit. I smoked almost daily for about 4 years and have recently quit. I am also wondering if whatever is going on is irreversible. I am not looking for opinions or conspiracy theories, so unless you are able to provide facts, you are wasting your time. Thanks in advance.
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Cadence Cadence | 2 days ago
I don't think there are many scientist who's speciality is marjhuana on yahoo answers. To my knowledge, the side effects of majuahana are not permanent but can take a little longer than most people think to fully disapate. It's weird because I always found it easier to write while I was high and consistanly got a's on college papers that were written while under the influence. Maybe there is another culprit.
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Cadence Originally Answered: 34 month old with language /speech delay?
While I can't diagnose your son phonological disorders or apraxia of speech come to mind first. Can he follow simple directions or do they leave him confused, as though he doesn't know what you're asking. If he can't follow simple directions then a mixed expressive/receptive language disorder might be something to research. Here's a great website with lots of information about the above subjects. http://www.speechville.com/ Apraxia of speech is often tossed around in error. True apraxia of speech is pretty rare, and not easily overcome. My son didn't start talking till after 4. He had less than 5 words/approximations at age 3, and a handfull of signs. Simple sign language was a lifesaver for him, really helping in cutting down his frustration. He too was a very lovable happy child unless he was frustrated. He had speech therapy until 2nd grade, then was released from speech. I recently had an IEP put in place as his auditory comprehension was still lagging way behind his peers. Now that we're focusing on just that, it's really helping. He too has had issues with word recall. You might want to brush up on your advocating skills at http://www.wrightslaw.com. His IEP should be reflective of his needs, not "this is what we offer" Wrightslaw can help you learn how to advocate for your son's rights. Good luck.
Cadence Originally Answered: 34 month old with language /speech delay?
I hope his hearing has been tested by someone who specializes in pediatrics. Otherwise, don't rush him or the people working with him. Just find out what you can do and work along to help him feel secure and to improve at his own pace.

Allycia Allycia
Yes One of my friends were a principals honor roll student until he smoked weed and started to become dumber. The weed u smoke gets into ur head and prevents stuff like school from being concentrated
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Uzzia Uzzia
Yes, cognitive functions are slowed with heavy cannabis usage. After about one month you should be back to normal. Check out erowid.com for loads and loads of info on cannabis if you're still curious.
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Uzzia Originally Answered: Does marijuana really kill brain cells?
As I clicked the link for this question and noticed that there were 11 responses I expected to see 10 people tell you that it doesn't and that one smart alec that has to say the typical, "Duh, of course it does" comment. Unfortunately, your question has yielded an unusual amount of people who simply don't know the truth. To get on with my answer, no marijuana does NOT kill brain cells. It's a myth that started with a flawed research. The research put masks on monkeys and pumped large amounts of marijuana smoke the masks for extended periods of time. Common sense should have told these "scientists" what to expect. They were literally suffocating the monkeys with smoke. Suffocation will cause brain cell loss and brain damage. Years later (when the methods of this study were revealed) the findings were dismissed because it's obvious that the damage was caused by suffocation, not marijuana. But, for some reason, 30 years later we still have people that believe it's true. There has never been any study since that demonstrates marijuana kills brain cells, simply, because it doesn't. However, there is a study that suggests it spurs new brain cell growth. http://news.healingwell.com/index.php?p=news1&id=528519

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