Is accounting becoming oversaturated?

Is accounting becoming oversaturated? Topic: Best business plan software for consultants
July 20, 2019 / By Deloris
Question: I've heard that accounting and a few other fields are becoming oversaturated and future graduates won't be able to find a job upon completion of their degrees.
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Caelie Caelie | 4 days ago
No, Accounting and/or Accounting/Information Systems is not oversaturated because Accounting, AIS, Quantitative Finance and Finance are the more difficult of all the available Business Administration major choices that the low supply of Accounting graduates in comparison with all the other business majors results in jobs and decent paying salaries. In high school many of us do well in math until you take Calculus or Physics that are tests of exactly how good your Applied Math skills actually are and whether you enjoy word problems etc that separates men from the boys. BEST EDUCATION COMBINATION that many CEOs and Corporate Board members hold is undergraduate Engineering degree and MBA with concentration in Finance. For Accounting and Finance majors, salary is better especially if you take extra calculus and advance statistic courses (involving regression analysis) or pickup Business Analytics as minor. Yes who doesn't enjoy making money and start with dream or goal of being Finance or Accounting major but the reality is not everyone succeeds 4 years later when they eventually graduate from college as many switch majors into management or marketing <= I don't recommend as BS marketing degree unless you enjoy sales does not result in many job offers. FYI I am BS Finance graduate who works as Federal Government Contracting Officer. My wife is senior software engineer specializing in Datawarehousing on huge financial accounting databases. Our oldest son is most successful. He has BS Accounting from Virginia Tech, passed Virginia CPA in 2 session but passed both Oracle & SunJava software certifications and is java guru consultant who worked for KPMG and Barclays Capital currently works on London Stock Exchange and has lived in Europe over 10 years. Our middle son is college freshman planning to major in finance. Youngest daughter is like oldest son, she is HS junior in 11th Grade and carries 4.3 GPA and is like 2 years ahead in math taking 4 AP courses (AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Language & Composition, AP Economics) Physics Honors, History Honors and Latin 4 and hopes to go to Medical School and become doctor. One nephew is US Naval Academy Annapolis graduate and his sister/our niece and nephew's wife graduated from Wake Forest University Winston Salem Computer science, oracle database and java programming is highly desirable skill. Different nephew on wife's side graduated with computer science degree and started above $70K with 4 year degree, but didn't like working with older employees so 3 months later got different IT job at $86K. Hope the above info helps and Best of Luck!
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Alma Alma
http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=accountant&... Try that link. It shows many openings. Enter your ZIP Code to see what it is like in your hometown.
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I'm not sure if you are looking for the journal entries you would do on the books. These are the journal entries: 1 - Debit Credit notes receivable accounts receivable Also, you should have a note written with the terms on the note. You can buy a booklet of notes at an office supply store and fill in the terms. 2 - Debit Credit cash in bank interest income note receivable (prin amt.) 3 - To record receiving a note, i need to know what you are giving up to receive the note. Is it cash, are you financing equipment, or something else? 4 - Debit Credit Cash Interest expense Note receivable This would be to record the collection of a note sold at a discount (less than the value of the note) Hope this helps.
Alma Originally Answered: Accounting Help?
You might need to double check the alternatives given, specially 1 and 3. They seem to be incomplete.

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